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Geminis Need to Know All About Tenga Cups and Other Sex Toys!

  • Geminis Need to Know All About Tenga Cups and Other Sex Toys!
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May 21 - June 20

Gemini is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, to know them you must be able to see past they theatrical smoke. Those born under this sign are usually characterized by their ability to change their mood from one moment to another without warning, this can annoy people who are close, especially those who do not know them well. What happens is that the Geminians develop a lot of two facets, a facet full of light and a very dark side. That it is a dark side does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing, but if you encounter someone without patience, then things can turn out very badly.

Despite these two facets, in the rest of their lives, the Geminians are usually very simple people, who enjoy the beautiful things in life without getting too complicated. Being one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, they also become the most misunderstood. Open, honest and frank, a Gemini will open up and pour out their deepest secrets in no time. Geminis are not stubborn and can quickly adapt to new situations and people, but sometimes this makes them appear to lack confidence.

Lover of social gatherings, nothing will bother a Gemini more than being asked to lower their voice or music volume at a party. They know a little about each topic, and they like to brag about it. No one will be surprised to see them displaying charms in combination with an interesting talk, you can they will bring life to the party. This ability to talk is very characteristic of the air element zodiac as Gemini.

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are fast: Fast talkers, fast friends, and fast lovers. In love, Geminis are more about emotional connections than physical ones. However, with their rapid-fire pace of life and speed of thought, Geminis like constant change. They are very independent and hate when things become routine or dull. A relationship with them must be versatile and full of experiences otherwise they will get really bored.


Foreplay and sexy talk are the main events for a Gemini. If you really want to keep a Gemini interested, tease them a little. Nab a cute vibrator and let them guide you to where it should be placed. Show them that you’re curious about what they bring to the table, then give them all the time they need to explain to you exactly what their intentions are. A conversation with a Gemini can be almost as good as the incredible sex that’s sure to follow.

Gemini is also known for having multiple personalities which mean you will have to make an effort to entertain them and always do something new, if run out of ideas try simple things like buying different condoms with textures or flavours.

Gemini- Get the night started by introducing a naughty storytelling game. You know exactly how to turn a lover on and captivate their imagination. Mix in the sexy seduction of Tenga cups, or other masturbatory aids and sex toys while you weave your sordid tale to really up that O factor. Get creative and put that mouth to work!

Resume: Element - Earth, Strengths - Big heart and Sensual, Weaknesses: Possessive & Jealous, Recommended zodiac sex toy Massage Oil, Sexy Lingerie and Eye Mask.

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Andriy Magento 5 years ago at 4:14 PM
Nice Horoscope!

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