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Ienoa Cup Red (Tenga)
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Ienoa Cup White (Tenga)
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Masturbation made better with Tenga Cups

Tenga Cups are male masturbation devices  and were first introduced in the market by Tenga in 2005, a Japanese company solely dedicated to providing masturbation aids. These products are specifically designed to provide ultimate stimulation of the male sexual organ and have won several industrial design awards for their spectacular design aesthetics. Originally launched as the Deep Throat Cups, the company recently changed the name of these products to the Original Vacuum Cup. We, at AdultProductsIndia have always tried to provide you with masturbating cups that provide stimulation via an ideal mixture of suction and surface.


The Original Vacuum Cup was designed to provide the users with an “ultimate sucking sensation”. These products are now available in various sizes and shapes, and three different colour variants which are directly linked with each product’s firmness. The White cups are the most gentle, while the Red ones are linked with standard strength and the Black ones are the strongest of the lot. In addition, these products offer six different kinds of stimulating options to the customers.


How does Tenga Cups work?

 All these masturbating cups produced by the Japanese company work like a smooth pad insertion instrument. This means that the internal part of the cup that touches the penis is made with a soft, smooth material and helps enhance the air tight sensation. They all feature a unique valve that forms a “virtual vacuum” in the internal area of the cup. Once you have it in your hand, all you have to do is remove the stickers and insert your penis inside. Removing the silver sticker on the top reveals an air hole which makes it easy to insert the penis inside by removing the extra air from the chamber. This air hole is also used to increase suction effect by creating a vacuum by covering it with your finger. These Tenga Cups come pre-loaded with lubrication creating an optimal masturbating device. The lubricant included within is used to assist in insertion and works like a charm with the texture of the product to give exhilarating sensations to the user. Here is a list of reasons why you should add this inventive masturbating toy to your shopping list:


  • These products greatly improve the masturbating experience
  • They are super easy to use.
  • Unpack the product, insert your penis and stroke away.
  • You do not need to worry about buying lubricants as it is self-lubricated
  • You do not need to worry about washing or cleaning the toy as they are made for one-time usage and are easily disposable
  • They are also very cleverly designed to not look like sex toys which make these products quite discreet.
  • You can travel with them and use them wherever you wish to.
  • The suction hole on the top of the head is there to enhance the sucking sensation by creating a vacuum when closed with a finger
  • Comes in three different firmness options: soft, standard and hard
  • Reusable Tenga cups cater ideally to all your masturbating needs


Choose your masturbating companion today

There are a lot of different options available for the customers to choose their own masturbating toy. Although these devices were designed to be used just the one-time, Tenga has come forward with a few reusable designs that lets the customer play with their toy more than once like the Tenga 3D series. The Tenga 3D Zen Sleeve is capable of producing enhanced orgasms when used as a masturbating device. Visually stunning, the design boasts of three dimensional minute ribs that were arranged in a manner that provides the user with ultimate pleasure. Made with top quality TPR material, this unique device is incredibly soft, durable and super easy to clean. The smooth, swirling ribs create a pattern so intense that they stimulate every spot on the penis that it comes in contact with.  This stimulating sensation along with the suction effect makes this Tenga sleeve extremely enjoyable. The Tenga Air Cushion Cup - 105 is another magnificent specimen from the Japanese sex toy company. This special equipment uses the power of air pressure0 along with the unique texture to erotically massage the penis. The inner jelly like sleeve is pre-lubricated and includes 24 air cushion chambers that form a unique airtight vacuum resulting in some stimulating orgasms. You can control the rigidness of the sleeve or the strength of the vacuum with the hole at the top and change it to your preference. Responsive nubs convert the air pressure gathered while inserting into an extremely enjoyable sensation around the penis enhanced by the brilliantly erotic texture of the masturbators. This sleeve can also be cleaned and used again.


It is never too late to Tenga!

The Tenga cups feature a firm outer casing and a smooth inner sleeve. The outer portion of this product is made up of plastic, the next layer is foam and the sleeve inside the hole is made up of TPE. Being latex and phthalate free, TPE makes for the perfect material for enhanced stimulation. The inner sleeve is where the magic happens and this is the part which is different in all the available options. The TPE sleeve is covered with nubs, ribs and other sensational design angles that provide overwhelming sensations when they touch the equipment. The sponge ring at the entrance of the toy is used to lubricate the penis as it is inserted inside the device. The most prominent reason for the success of these Tenga Cups is the compact and abstract design. Shaped like a cylinder, this device is easy to use as it fits ideally in your hand. A lot of men have experienced mind blowing orgasms after using these devices. If you are a fan of great texture, this product is especially for you. Some of the texture options offered by the Japanese company have known to produce intense and breathtaking orgasms for men who have used them.


With a ton of amazing options offering a variety of sensations to choose from, it is time for you to find your own Tenga Cup.


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