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Capricorns Are Not Afraid, Whether It's a Dildo or Nipple Clamps, They Get It All!

  • Capricorns Are Not Afraid, Whether It's a Dildo or Nipple Clamps, They Get It All!
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December 22 - January 19

Capricorns are a complicated sign, those who have a partner or relative of this sign know it very well. Because they are terribly sensitive people, but at the same time aggressive, when they get angry they can become a monster that destroys everything in its path.

In love, they are complex, jealous, insecure, manipulative. But not everything is bad in them, in fact, they are extremely intelligent, understanding people. They do not have many friends, but they treat as gold no matter what happens.

The Capricorn zodiac sign is reckoned as organized and achiever must due to their obsession and ambitious with their goals, they make no effort to get what they want. They have a willingness and initiative to accept responsibilities where they can succeed. They don't like to look weak or incapable, they want to be respected and admired. Because of their lack of self-confidence, they can always be defensive.

Serious and always prepared, Capricorn is a workaholic. They are sensitive and often feel alone at times in their lives. They need company, but they can be isolated because of the fear that they will be hurt. Capricorns are very dependable and definitely the ones to look to when something needs to be done. Because of their cautious and rehearsed nature, Capricorns can seem callous and indifferent in love, but they are quite the opposite. Once in love, they are determined to prioritize their partner's physical needs. But sometimes, emotions can be pushed to the side as an unnecessary frill.


Because Capricorns are determined and very observant, they give the best head. Letting a Capricorn go downtown will surely result in smiles all around, especially if you praise them appropriately for their efforts. Rotating strapons or a Big black dildo is the perfect accompaniment to a Capricorn’s oral excellence.

They are also down for the more classical sex toys such as a Mini Massager, so they are frisky and have self-pleasure anywhere. On the other hand, you will be able to try all the 50 shades of grey with a Capricornian, with them being dominant, of course. Get naughty and surprise your other half with nipple clamps and enjoy this BDSM ride.

Capricorn- Put yourself to work while still at play by nabbing a maid costume or construction worker outfit. Throw gender roles out the window and get wild while keeping it practical.

Resume: Element - Earth, Strengths - Sensitive and Achiever, Weaknesses: Complicated & Workaholic, Recommended zodiac sex toy - rotating strapons, big black dildo, nipple clamps and maid costume.

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