6 of the Hottest Sex Toys in Kolkata (and How To Get Them Delivered to Your Door)

It’s no secret that India has a vibrant and innovative sexual culture. According to Technavio, there will be a growth of 34.8% per year (from 2014 to 2019) of the sexual wellness market in India. Here are the hottest trends in sex toys in Kolkata and how you can get your hands on them.

Kolkata knows how to party, and they definitely know how to use their sex toys! In fact, they’ve got us vibrating in anticipation. Here’s a list of the 6 hottest sex toys in Kolkata, complete with ordering details, so you don’t even have to leave your couch to experience the full sexual glory of India’s kinkiest sex toys.

Sex dolls may be gaining popularity all over the world, but you’re not going to find any bells and whistles in Kolkata. Sex dolls are perfect for solo play, or a secure and comfortable way to add in an extra partner during couples play.

Masturbators used to be thought of as a “ladies only” means of sexual delivery. While women had drawers full of vibrators, dildos, personal massagers, potions, lotions, and oils; the boys were left with a box of tissues and some clinical smelling hand lotion. NO MORE! Let your imagination run wild and save your perfect grip for climbing mountains, because male masturbators are definitely some of the top sex toys in Kolkata.

Possibly the most recognizable form of male maturbators, flesh lights, pocket pussies, and similar devices were designed to store sensual lady parts in unsuspecting vessels - like a flashlight. Clever huh? Well, sex toys in Kolkata have figured out how to take that to the next level by using state of the art silicone molds of the world’s sexiest porn star pussies, and store them safely in inconspicuous flashlights, or even beer cans! They also offer a shower mount for your little buddy.

Vibrators are definitely a girl’s best friend, but it doesn’t stop there. Sex toys in Kolkata offer a huge selection of vibrating products, from the standard dildo, to the vibrating cock ring. As a matter of fact, they have over 1,000 models of vibratory pleasure devices for you to flick through. Good vibes all around!

Veiny, fleshy, thick, long, huge, and vibrating, dildos abound in the culture of Kolkata sex toys! Whatever dildo you’re looking for to satisfy your more primal urges, there is most definitely one to suit.

Want to ramp up your game, all the while playing it safe? Condom sleeves are all the rage in how to improve on the less than sexy safe sex. Condom sleeves offer couples the choice to slide on a sleeve that makes a “ribbed for her pleasure” durex look like a practical joke. Ribs, spikes, and even vibrating sleeves (told ya, they make everything vibrate) can improve performance and give you the confidence to take her orgasm to the next level.