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Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex Toy cleaners: taking care of and cleaning your sex toys

In case you didn’t know yet: sex toy cleaners are a must! Having and using sex toys can be lots of fun, but they need to be taken care of and be sanitized. Regularly cleaning is necessary to keep the material and motors in shape, but more importantly, it is important to prevent bacteria from spreading. Especialy if you share or use the toys with other people.  Read more...

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If you don’t wash your dildo, vibrator or whichever toy you use bacteria can build up and spread. This makes the spreading of diseases a true risk to consider.  Washing your toys with sex toy cleaners or with water and soap before and after every single use is therefore highly recommended, since you don’t want body fluids drying on it. That doesn’t mean that you have to cleanse them immediately after having sex. You can take some minutes to relax, or wait until the next morning. But you have to sanitize them before using them again.


How to clean your sex toys

If you  have bought a sex toy, cleaning instructions should have been included. But for those who don’t have them or just don’t remember, here are some tips.

Whether you are using a vibrator, dildo, handcuffs or anything else, the way that your toy should be desinfected depends on the material that it’s made out of.  Materials that are generally easier to sterilize are non-porous materials like silicone, hard plastic, elastomer, metal and glass. Those materials don’t have to be washed with any special type of sex toys cleaner. Mild, non-irritating soap and water will suffice.


When you are washing your toys, be careful with the amount of water you use. Don’t submerge them completely unless of course they’re waterproof. If they aren’t waterproof it is better to hold it under the faucet or to use a cloth. Make sure that you rinse or wipe of the soap properly, you don’t want bacteria, but you also don’t want soap residue building up on your toys. Note again however that you can sanitize a toy made out of non-porous material using only water and soap. But still there are many great ready made cleaning products that you can use instead and we do recommend using them as they do contain anti bacterial ingredients which are sure to do the work intended. Toys that are made out of porous materials are much harder to sanitize, as we will discuss later on.


Even though it is not necessary to buy special sex toy cleaners for nonporous materials, it still can be really handy to have a special bacterial spray. Sprays are especially convenient if you are traveling or if you want to stay in bed for a while after having sex. You can keep it right by your bed with some (paper) towels. Just spray, wipe and that’s it.


As said, porous materials are more difficult to sanitize. This because bacteria and fungus can quickly make a home in the pores of the sex toy and the toys cannot be boiled or heated too much. Even with a spray there is a chance that you won’t be able to kill all the bacteria, so make sure you get the right product. A benefit that comes with ready made sex toy cleaners is that they often have a lovely scent, which makes the experience better when you are ready to use your little bedroom buddy. Also, you know the product is tested and proven to be effective. That surely will give you comfort of mind.


Suggested sex toy cleaners

There are lots of different brands of bacterial spray for sex toys, you can just search for them online and find them in our webshop. For a good an proper sterilization of your porous and non-porous toys you could for example consider the Universal Toy Cleaner. The unique spray disinfects very well and is easy to use. Universal Toy Cleaner is a perfect alround product if you no longer want to have to worry about the cleanliness of your dildo, vibrator or other personal toy. The Aloe Vera in it adds a wonderful scent to the product.


Another good personal sterilization spray is the Exotica spray cleaner which is safe to use on skin and on personal toys made from any material. It has been created to eliminate difficult to remove silicone-based lubes and is an anti-microbial spray that effectively eliminates bacteria, fungus and viruses from your toys. It’s the ideal spray for those who share sex toys and those who use the same toys for anal and vaginal orifices.


Of course a “clean” option to take care of your little gadgets cannot miss out. For those of you that are sensitve to chemicals or simply prefer to do without we have the bio Adult Toy Cleaner. It is especially produced as an alternative to the standard products that are using chemicals, parabens and Alcohol. It is odorless and has a non toxic formula that does the work perferctly.


Very practical  sex toy cleaners are wipes specially designed to clean your toys. They are quick and easy as you can keep them by your bed. They are also skin friendly, which means you can also use them to sanitize yourself.


After cleaning your toys

After you have sterilized your toys you need to make sure that they are properly dried so that you can store them. Store them in a place that is convenient for you. A good place might be for example your underwear drawer. Whatever place you choose be sure that the place is safe, dry and relatively cool. You can as well consider buying a Toy Box.


In conclusion, which ever way you choose to clean your sex toy, the most important thing is that you do it!

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