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Aphrodisia Love Vibe
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Angel & Coco Vibrator
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Regular Price: ₹6,168

Special Price ₹5,140

Feel Good Vibrator - Pink
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Regular Price: ₹4,229

Special Price ₹3,525

Maia - Porpora MV2
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Regular Price: ₹10,780

Special Price ₹8,583

Fifty Shades of Grey - Holy cow
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Regular Price: ₹16,052

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Rabbit 10 Function G- Spot Dual Vibrator
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Regular Price: ₹7,325

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Mini Rabbit Vibrator
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Luxury vibrator purple
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Luxury vibrator cyan
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Winnie Gspot vibrator
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B Swish - Bgee Deluxe Cranberry
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OVO Vibrating F2
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Discover a Whole New Premium Experience

Luxury vibrators are premium sensual adult products used to stimulate erogenous areas of your body in a deluxe manner. They have been designed to arouse women and men and they can be used alone or with one’s partner. They are discrete and made of high quality materials to guarantee hygiene but also the most pleasant and orgasmic sensations.


What makes luxury vibrators special?


Sex toys have existed in the erotic industry for many years. But many of them, most of the times, have explicit forms and intimidating sizes and shapes that could be daunting for many people, they could make them uncomfortable to even consider buy them and even more to use them. Thus, many women (and men) have avoided the use of luxury vibrators and have missed out on erotic and exciting moments of pleasure.


The adult toys industry have found in these people the perfect market niche, and have made available stimulating new and luxury vibrators.


These type of vibrators are high-tech erotic toys, made of fancy materials, such as silicon, that guarantee hygiene but more importantly a very pleasant feeling to highly stimulate your sexual senses. These luxury vibrators come in different colors, sizes and premium designs…all of them are safe and reliable but most importantly: exclusive, delicate, subtle and discrete, especially made for the most pleasurable experience.


What will I experience? Are luxury vibrators made for me?


Luxury vibrators are designed to arouse the body and skin, especially crafted to excite the nerves in all erogenous zones of your body. Providing a relaxing and gratifying feeling and the most satisfying erotic stimulation. Using luxury vibrators can help many women to explore their sexuality through autoerotism and to reach an orgasm through masturbation and/or intercourse while using this sex toy. Men can also have a pleasant experience using luxury vibrators during sex with a partner, reaching an orgasm out of this world.


Vibrating sex toys come in different types, and you can choose whatever meets your needs and what you feel will meet your expectations. All have a motor with different vibrating levels to choose from. These motors lead to more stimulation for better orgasms. If you are a beginner and it is the first time you use a vibe, you can start up with the lowest vibrating level and scale up depending of what you experience and discover what you like.


There is a generalized idea that vibrators and dildos made only for women. But luxury vibrators, due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes, give out many other options for men and couples. Many people have chosen and preferred to use these sensual toys with their partners to enhance the pleasure of one or both partners during sex. Imagine reaching an outstanding orgasm together with your partner!


Talking about variety of luxury vibrators


As many Indian men and women are becoming more open and adventurous towards sex, they are looking for more and more options to enhance their sexuality and make their sex life something out of this world; either if they use these for autoerotism or to boost pleasure with their partners during intercourse.


Thanks to a wide variety of erotic toys, we can find an extensive range of luxury vibrators. Here are some examples of what you may find in our web page:


  • Often sold as "back massagers", clitoral vibrators are used to provide sexual pleasure and to enhance female orgasms. Especially in small and discrete sizes, they come in diverse colors and shapes to augment erotic senses while stimulating the clitoris. You can also find a variation of this type of electric strokers that stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. Commonly they are egg shaped, and some variations consist in narrower bullet shaped forms., or others shapes from bunnies to large human tongues. The main function of the clitoral vibration is to provide stimulation through vibrations at different speeds and intensities.

  • Dildos are penis-shaped, (none electrical) vibrators, commonly designed to offer a vaginal orgasm. They can be used individually or with your partner, and they can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. They also come in different sizes and shapes as well as colors, but always keeping that luxurious and discrete look. Some may come double-ended to provide vaginal and anal stimulation simultaneously.

  • The rabbit vibrator consist of a two ended vibrator that provides stimulation to the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously. This type of sex toys consist of two vibrators in one, but of different sizes and sometimes different shapes. One end looks more like a dildo and is intended to be inserted to and stimulate the vagina, while the other end consists of a smaller vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. These vibrator offers the best of both worlds for supreme pleasure.

  • G-Spot vibrators are similar to dildos or regular vibrators, with a small difference on its design that can make a world of difference on your senses. This type of toy has a dildo shape but with a small curve towards the tip, especially designed to be inserted into the vagina and arouse the G-spot. It can also be used by men to stimulate the prostate. It is made out of a soft jelly-like coating that facilitates its use and enhances the pleasurable sensation.

  • The “Butterfly” is a wonderful hands-free vibrator, perfect to be used with your couple, while it can still be used alone. This toy is strapped around legs and waist and provides clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse. A variation of this vibrator is one designed for vaginal stimulation. It is perfect to enhance the sensual connection in a couple during sex.

  • The cock-ring is a ring used around the penis with a small vibrator attached to it. Although it is designed for clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse, the vibrating sensations also stimulate the penis. So it is a win-win situation – vibrating stimulations for both partners.

  • Dual area vibrators are especially designed to stimulate two erogenous zones simultaneously or independently. Normally they are designed to stimulate the clitoris and the vagina, or in the case for men, to stimulate the prostate and the perineum.


But there are many more options for you to explore and discover. Take a good look at all of them and find out their advantages and specificities to realize what would be the best fit for you. With any of our luxury vibrators, we are certain you will have a pleasant and deluxe experience. We are sure there is one made out especially for you. Enjoy!

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