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Lubricants & Lotions: The Secret to Better Sex

Let’s be real- wetter is better isn’t just some catchy slogan. For any guy who has ever received a dry handjob, and to any girl who knows what sex rash is, we’re gonna have a little talk.


Sex toys are spectacular. They can liven up your life and release that sexual power that each one of us has. But, they can’t do it alone. Sex toys in India and all over the world require a few very necessary things:


  1. Consent
  2. Discussion
  3. Lubrication


That’s right. Using sex toys without any one of these three things is a pretty big no-no. In other areas of our page, we’ve hit the concepts of consent and discussion pretty hard, but we haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to you about lubrication. Sure, our bodies definitely supply us with some amount of personal lube, but each person creates natural wetness in different ways.


Things like stress levels, hydration, age and even orifice can all affect the amount of lubrication your body creates naturally. Spit is often brought in as a last-ditch effort to amp up those less than lubricated moments- but, spit not only contains tons of bacteria, but also enzymes, sugars, and other things that were definitely made expressly for your mouth- not for your intimate areas. So this is where sexual lubricants come into play.


Why Use Sexual Lubricants?

Lubricants online offer a number of excellent options no matter what type of sex you’re enjoying. The best anal sex requires copious amounts of water-based lube. Ladies of all types can really enjoy the boost of silicone-based sexual lubricant. This can serve to make sex more comfortable, longer-lasting, and fun! As an added bonus, using a water-based or silicone sexual lubricant vaginally means that you can switch from your partner to a sex toy of your choice, and back again! With no hassle and no harm to your toy or your private parts.


People who seem to have a bit of trouble being happy going downtown, try a flavored lube and make that disco stick taste like a lollipop. Performance anxiety, or feel like you want to last a bit longer? Desensitizing lubricants online is simple to snap up and get delivered discreetly.


Lubes don’t really take a masters course to be able to use them appropriately. There’s a very low margin of error. Just get your bottle of sexual lubricant and go to town. Give your lube a quick test run with some sweet solo time. Sex toys for vaginal or anal play will be that much more enjoyable. Add a drop of lube into your right-hand gal and male masturbation will never be the same.


Lubes rarely leave stains or marks and are super easy to wash off, should you get a bit excited about using them. Lubricants online offer a full panel of ingredients, uses, and directions, so you never need to feel like you’re getting anything less than exactly what you want. Try out a few different sexual lubricants, then you’ll be ready for any mood or position that comes your way.


Lubricants Online & Your Health

Many women experience vaginal dryness. This can be because of eating habits, stress levels, low hydration, and any number of other issues that can come into play at a moments notice. Post-menopausal women generally suffer from chronic vaginal dryness. While it may feel a bit awkward to talk about, vaginal dryness is a completely normal phenomenon that has a simple fix: Use Lube!!


Anal sex, whether you’re gay, straight, bi, or solo- always requires lube. Because the tissues of the anus and rectum are incredibly delicate, and they don’t self lubricate, having sexual lubricant on hand is a must! Anal play is awesome, but properly lubed anal play is the best. Keeping the area well lubricated can help prevent infection, discomfort, and even disease transmission. Not to mention a well-lubed anal plug feels incredible!


At Adult Products India, we’re here to answer any questions you might have and offer a massive selection of different types of lubes and lotions no matter what your needs are. Here’s a rundown of our top sellers, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list- never hesitate to ask!


  • KY Jelly


Can’t go wrong with a classic! KY Jelly is a lubricant that is used all over the world, both in hospitals and bedroom settings. There’s no limit to what this lube can offer, as the water-based, non-toxic, hypoallergenic gel is super easy to apply with a slight viscosity than most other lubes. The non-watery consistency makes it easy to get only what you need and apply it directly to where you want. This jelly is the optimum sexual lubricant for beginners with its a no-frills approach. Great for just about any type of penetration with no obvious smells or colors.



Designed with her in mind, this lube is the perfect addition to any nought nighttime activity. The water-based lubricant also contains fruity agents like banana and strawberry to help keep things smoothed and refreshed. This sexual lubricant works spectacularly for penetrative sex, masturbation, and even oral sex with its delightful fruity scent.


  • The Black Monogatari Anal Sex Lubricant


Another water-based lubricant, online descriptions just don’t do this product justice. The Black Monogatari lube is the ultimate choice for anal or longer-lasting sex. With a ‘Silk Touch’ formula, this lube goes as long and as hard as you do. Giving you more slip and slide when you need it most. The water-based formula won’t hurt most sex toys, so bring your Ben Wa Balls, because it’s time to have some fun. The 200ml flip cap design means it’s easy to transport and easy to use.

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