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In the past years, lack of sexual education in India has led to many believe in misinformation and in myths. Myths about the use of condoms are no exception. There are still people wo dont know much about efective protection. Whether you are having sex with a consistent partner or someone that you barely know, the safest bet is protection.

Misconceptions and Myths - Don´t Believe in Evertything

Myth 1- No need to use protection in oral or anal sex - Condoms prevent not also unwanted pregancies but STD´S. That should be your main focus when using protection in these cases.

Myth 2- If you are Allergic to Latex you can´t use Condoms - WRONG. You can use different condoms made out of polyisoprene, polyurethane or others that help you protect yourself even in these cases.

Myth 3- Condoms aren´t comfortable and Reduces Sensation- This is not true. There are several types of condoms, ultra-fin, etc., that help with the sensability and still protect you from STD´S and Prengancies. Just check them out!

Different Types of Condoms

These days there are loads of different type condoms available for your pleasure. They can vary in size, shape, purpose, colour, taste, and more. You just need to look for your favourite!

-Dotted, ribbed, studded...various textures are designed to increase stimulation and thus the pleasure for either him, her or both of the parties.

-You can also find rubbers with a special kind of lubricant like the Trojan’s Fire and Ice, coated with warming lube inside and out it designed to give both parties a sensational experience.


-You can even go for colored or glow-in-the-dark version condoms.


Be smart and buy the best package of condoms for you now!. Durex, Moods, Playgard and more!



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