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You Wont Believe It but Leos Are down Even to a Ball Gag!

  • You Wont Believe It but Leos Are down Even to a Ball Gag!
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July 23 - August 22

The lion of the zodiac, king of the jungle, the Greek myth that gives rise to this constellation has to do with one of the most powerful characters in Hellenic mythology: Hercules, who fought against this incredible lion of skin impossible to penetrate and of infallible claws. Leo has fire as its element, they are really the kings of the zodiac, enlightened and strong, impenetrable as their skin, nothing seems to affect them. They are also mentioned as true natural leaders.

Although this is not always the case, no matter how much Leo is strong and courageous, he is very sensitive in matters of love and terribly jealous. It is a great couple in every way, falls in love easily, is delivered and accepts others without problems, is one of the zodiac signs with more compatibility with the rest of the zodiac.

They are focused people, although sometimes, especially when they fall in love, they become completely crazy, passionate and if someone threatens their partner, they take out their claws and defend them as it gives rise.

Leos are guided by their brilliance and dedication. Never put a Leo in the corner, because if they aren’t the centre of attention, they have a tendency to do whatever it takes to pull the focus back onto them. They are quick to fall in love, but should the relationship not suit their needs, they are also quick to leave, anything you can do or say to boost their ego do so and you will keep them close for longer: it’s a huge turn-on for them being desired.


Leo loves to be the centre of attention. Despite their forward attitude, most Leos prefer to play subordinate behind closed doors. A lion’s ball gag is the perfect way to get your Leo begging for more, while still keeping them interested because they are used to be always in control.

They are not exactly experimental in bed but they can transform and become very energetic and fascinating, as long as you keep pleasing them it will be grateful for both. If you are trying to get out of their comfort zone introduce a sex game with a dice and let the fun roll, it will be easier to lead them. Speaking on trying different things, if you feel like they should pay more attention to you, try a blindfold, they are very visual so taking this sense out will push them to try other ways to get pleasure.

Leo- Make your partner roar by using a penis sleeve to increase size, pleasure, and duration. Nipple suction devices are the perfect device for keeping all eyes on you, no matter where your hands are.

Resume: Element - Fire, Strengths - Passionate and Courageous, Weaknesses: Selfish & Inflexible, Recommended zodiac sex toy - ball gag, sex dice, blindfold and Penis Sleeve.

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