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Hey Scorpios, Prostate Massager: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

  • Hey Scorpios, Prostate Massager: It's Not as Difficult as You Think
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October 23 - November 21

One of the most intriguing signs of the zodiac, the physical characteristics of scorpions are easy to identify if you look closely, as long as they can overcome their natural laziness, you will notice that they are active. When something interests them they will not stop until they get it, so it is not surprising that some Scorpions have their bodies properly shaped after long days in the gym.

Its element is water,It is the most stubborn, controversial and difficult zodiac sign of all. When he wants he can have a great power of conviction, but usually, they are more passionate than rational, therefore, they cannot convince anyone, they are anxious, undisciplined and love to go against the flow.

They discuss until the end with whoever it is and what matters most to them in the world is to be right. They are egotistical and narcissistic, individualistic but affectionate with their families and very faithful with their partners. All this personality so complicated that they compensate it with affection for their loved ones, with fidelity to their friends and with their great vocation to help.

Scorpio love to travel, they love the good life and they are unhappy if they don't have enough money. Scorpio never asks for forgiveness, at least not the traditional way, they actually prefer to do it in a non-direct way, since they never give the arm to twist.

In love they give it all but very vindictive, if you did something to a Scorpio, be prepared because they will surely take revenge. Scorpios are full of knowledge but prefer to stay completely out of the limelight, working quietly by themselves instead. Even though it’s the most notoriously introverted of all the zodiac signs in bed, Scorpio is still incredibly stubborn. In love, Scorpios are passionate and deeply personal and they like to keep their love lives under wraps. Secret missives and a strict no PDA (public display of affection) policy are a Scorpio’s go-to romantic moves.


The best way to unlock a Scorpio’s extensive sexual knowledge is to give them space just for the two of you. Incognito masturbators are a great sex toy to get your Scorpio in the mood just about anywhere. Secretive and passionate, a Scorpio will never reveal their prowess until the time is just right.

Scorpio- When you’re in the right space and with the right partner, a prostate massager or a multi-purpose wand massager is ideal for upping the wow factor while still staying out of the spotlight. Oh! Speaking on the right places, they can get kinky enough to try some tricks in public, try the remote vibrator and let the sex toy do the job.

Resume: Element - Water, Strengths - Passionate and True friend, Weaknesses: Vindictive & Introvert, Recommended zodiac sex toy - incognito masturbators, a prostate massager and multi-purpose wand massager.

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