100% Discreet Delivery - COD Available

Cash on Delivery

If you prefer to make a payment on the moment you receive your product, you can choose our Cash on Delivery (COD) option instead. Cash On Delivery is a payment method where you pay for a product in cash or Debit/Credit card, when the courier company delivers the item to you.

How does COD work?

  1. You place an order on AdultProductsindia.com and choose Cash On Delivery as payment method in the Checkout page.
  2. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on the provided mobile number. 
  3. Once your order is verified by OTP we start processing your order and make it ready for delivery.
  4. You pay the complete amount in cash or by Credit/Debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Rupay Debit and Credit cards from all banks. Please note that  payments through cheque, draft or any other means cannot be accepted.
    Note: We accept all valid bank notes, including the newly introduced 500 and 2,000 Rupee notes. 


  • Is COD option available for all products?
    The COD option is only available for products that carry a COD label. This label is visible in the right upper corner of every product for which the COD option applies. On the product page and shopping cart page you can also see if you order is available for COD.

  • Can I buy a COD product together with a product that is not available for COD?
    Yes! If you’d like to order both COD AND non- COD products in one purchase you will have to use one of our other payment options. This naturally means that both orders are prepaid.

    OR you can place two seperate orders, one with the COD products and one with the products that are not available for COD.

  • Why is COD option not available for my location?
    Our reach in terms of COD option is limited by the reach of the courier companies we partner with. Once you enter your pin code while ordering we will tell you if COD is available at your location.
    Note: If your location is not supported by the COD service, please choose another payment option.
  • How long will it take for me to receive the order if I buy it with COD?
    You will receive your package within 5 - 8 working days after verifying the order with you.
  • Is there any additional charge for the COD shipment?
    No, there are no additional COD charges.
  • Can I offer cheque for the payment in place of cash?
    No. COD payments have to be made in cash and/or valid payment cards like Debit and Credit cards.
  • What do I do if no one will be at home when the courier company delivers the package?
    Most courier companies will call you before coming over to deliver the item. If you mis the order the courier will coordinate with you to schedule a new delivery time with a total of 3 attempts. If the item is not delivered after 3 attempts, the item will be returned to origin.

Some important points to ensure that your COD order goes smoothly

  1. Please ensure that the mobile number you provide for the Cash On Delivery payment is always available and answered.
  2. It is important that your address and landmark are very clear. This will help us locate you easily and complete the process faster.
  3. Please be available at the designated address with the complete cash as payment for the item purchased.
  4. Foreign currency cannot be used to make a COD payment. Only Indian Rupees accepted.