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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Taurus: Bondage Blindfold

  • The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Taurus: Bondage Blindfold
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April 20 - May 20

While not as stubborn as other signs, as Taurus will approach most situations with a logical and sympathetic ear, they are heavily reliant on their senses. They love a bit of luxury and comfort. Taurus is well-grounded, albeit a little conservative and a bit (gasp) boring when it comes to their love of stability and consistency.

When the world falls apart for Taurus, he takes an attitude that says a lot about his love for beauty - they see happiness in the most beautiful things around them, from an art exhibition to a comfortable family dinner.

With Venus as the ruling planet, Taurus is the zodiac sign represented by the bull, an animal of great strength, persistence and power. While they never want retribution, they value loyalty and hate being betrayed. Their big heart makes them sensitive to the environment, their entire sensory system is constantly working together, this means that they experience the world with all its essence, there is almost no midpoint when it comes to feeling. This makes them very passionate people when it comes to relating to their loved ones and especially when it comes to love. Being one of the zodiac signs of the earth element, Taurus are sensible, rational and practical.

In love, Taurus is passionate and dedicated, they are always attentive to their partner and want to make them happy more than anything in the world. But if something creates insecurity in Taurus, they can become very possessive and suffer from unfounded jealousy. Taurus is kind, considerate, and above all, loyal and dependable. The Taurus is always looking to “settle down”. If a sincere partner is what you’re looking for, Taurus is the sign to snag.


Sensuality is their game, and when someone arouses their interest everything in them will shout that sensuality - from their fragrance to the way they walk, it will be impossible for someone to resist.

Deeply in touch with their senses, Taurus loves all things beautiful and fine. This makes adding in some slinky-smooth lingerie or high-quality massage oil, a sure-fire way to get and keep Taurus’ attention. Any Taurus will readily respond to a trail of soft kisses, starting at the nape of the neck, they usually don’t take initiative but when they get turned on it will last and make it worth. While they may stick to classic positions and play, a Taurus has them down to a science, making them anything but routine.

Taurus - You love the sensory explosion of delicious foods, soft caresses, and sensuous smells. Now imagine all of these impacting your consciousness without seeing them first. A bondage blindfold is sure to get you salivating for what’s to come.

If you do not want to upset them also pay attention to the hygiene of the products and make sure you use a good sex toy cleaner. Put on fresh linen in the bed, refresh the room and set the mood for seduction.

Resume: Element - Earth, Strengths - Big heart and Sensual, Weaknesses: Possessive & Jealous, Recommended zodiac sex toy Massage Oil, Sexy Lingerie and Eye Mask.

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