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An Introduction to Sex Toys in India

sex toys india

The popularity of sex toys in India has increased since the late 20th and 21st centuries, as a result of changes in cultural attitudes and liberation for both males and females. As the changes in rulership have taken place throughout history, the attitudes towards sex have also changed. This – as a result – has affected the attitude towards sex toys throughout the nation.

During contemporary times, the purchase of sex toys has remained difficult as they have been banned from stores. Obtaining such products, therefore, remains problematic for conventional shopping purchases and residents of the country have had to think outside the box – buying products via alternative methods. The internet, therefore, is the perfect place for sex toys to be purchased.

The internet is advantageous for a variety of reasons. Goods can be discreetly packaged – as can the records of payment. Due to the range of methods that payment can be made, and the way that they show up on online transactions, goods can be obtained in a confidential manner.

Indian history is synonymous with sexual freedom, as can be seen from the construction of ‘The Kamasutra’ – known as the oldest book of sex in the world! Suppressing sexuality in the country seems to conflict with the invention of such literature, and sex has been known as an integral part of Indian culture for years. India is linked with Hinduism and the Hindu gods and goddesses had very liberal views on sex. Even the religious texts which are popular within India believed that sex helped people to get closer to their God and for thousands of years, women were sexually liberated (as well as men).

The outlook on sex in India changed when it was ruled by Islam – introducing rules that made the act of sex more prudish. Women lost the right for sexual liberation and men believed that sex was meant for recreation purposes only. This changed the country’s attitude towards sex and gave people completely different perceptions towards the subject.

When India became under British rule, Indian attitudes became even more prudish and puritan towards sex and this strengthened the stigmas in society. This was particularly true during the Victorian era when people throughout the whole of the British empire were not educated in sexual matters and became emotionally ‘frigid.’

As the times changed and the Victorian era changed into modernism in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Indian attitudes towards sex became much more liberal again. These periods of history clearly show the complex changes in Indian culture and beliefs towards sex. Due to the invention of the internet and more open-minded Indian attitudes, sex toys are now more popular and obtainable than they were in the Victorian era.


Modernism of sex toys in India

India is known to have the largest English speaking population in the world. Many of the residents and big cities within the country are heavily exposed to western life and enjoy watching movies and TV shows that originate from the western culture. Due to this, many members of the population of India develop a western attitude and outlook which is reflected in the way in which they live their daily lives. This extends to sexual liberation. Influenced by programs and western culture, Indian sexual practice has liberalized somewhat, and this has been further reinforced through technological innovation such as the mobile phone and internet. In various societies all over the world, the internet makes it easy to access a wide range of features from a wide range of cultures. This exposure has allowed members of the Indian population to spice up their sex lives, becoming more liberal in the process.

Sex toys, therefore, are the perfect addition to their lives. Purchased online, sex toys are a popular way of spicing things up in the bedroom, and due to the healthy income that many people from Indian enjoy, affordability is not necessarily an obstacle. Purchasing goods from around the world discreetly, sex lives can be enhanced quickly and affordable.

There are, of course, other ways of enhancing one’s sex life, particularly when utilizing the accessibility of sex which is freely advertised in many western cultures. Pornography and erotic stories that can be viewed and read online contribute towards this enhancement, many of which are free or can be provided cheaply. Having watched the pornography – or read the stories online – promiscuous ideas are often generated and this can lead to the inclusion of sex toys as a part of people’s healthy sex lives. As a progression point from pornography or read material (which doesn’t involve contact with other human beings), sex toys can act as a type of intermediary between fantasy and reality.

The western world who sell these products also benefit. Targeting the Indian population (who they know are unable to buy sex toys in local shops), toys are advertised online through social media and social networking sites. Due to the large population and wealth of Indian residents, a huge potential customer base exists and this allows them to target a wide audience who they know use the internet regularly. It is not uncommon for discounts to be offered that sellers of sex toys know will entice their customer base into buying from them – increasing the likelihood that their audience will buy products.


Increasing popularity of sex toys in India

The number of sex toys purchased from the Indian population has increased dramatically over the last few decades, especially in the bigger cities such as Mumbai and Delhi which are more exposed to western, liberal culture than smaller areas of India. After watching western TV shows and movies, the residents of these bigger cities have changed their attitudes towards sex and this has led to many other people around them changing their attitudes too. 

As a result of the above changes, the taboo towards sex has also changed and lessened. This has meant that the use of sex toys and viewing/reading of sex stories and films has become more frequent, and online stores have also been visited more frequently. There are a variety of factors that have led to this change in behaviors. One such factor is the exposure to western movies and TV shows, and – when viewed – it is likely to encourage viewers to connect closely at a sexual level. Perhaps their conversations become more open, and they suggest different sexual practices to each other whilst viewing. As with many topics, watching movies and TV shows can help to break down boundaries and encourage people to discuss topics that might previously have been considered taboo, freely and openly. In addition to movies and shows, literature has also been known to break down boundaries and release taboos. Over the last few years, erotic fiction such as “50 Shades of Grey” has become popular all over the world, and this encourages people to speak more openly about sex and perform more promiscuous acts.

These acts (if they reflect the scenes that take place within the 50 shades of grey story) include the use of sex toys, and due to their availability, many people who have read the stories are interested in trying out some of the ideas that take place within the story. Once more, the introduction of the story-lines in literature helps people to open up about their sexuality, and what can be done to enhance their sex lives. This leads to a closer sexual connection between couples and can help them to become happier and closer.

Other sources of inspiration include the internet, and this has become the solution to cover a wide range interests for users. If there are any sexual practices that a viewer has considered trying, a quick search on the internet is likely to produce a long list of sites and suggestions regarding what has been searched for. This often links to pornographic websites where you can see what it is like for these practices to take place. However, pornography is both good and bad for viewers. It can be used as part of a healthy sex-life if used moderately and both members of the relationship are comfortable using it. Ideas can be generated, and this can contribute to the sex-life. On the negative side, pornography can lead to addiction and other negative states of mind. It can come between couples, and – due to the lack of human interaction – develop unrealistic fantasies. Sex toys, on the other hand, can help to turn fantasies into realities. Inspired by ideas generated through pornography, sex toys can form a useful addition to a sex life and contribute to a closer relationship.

In conclusion, the liberation of sex in India has been brought about as a result of increased access to liberal programs, producing a more liberal mindset. Residents of India have become less shy and more willing to try new things in the bedroom. For example, dildos for men and vibrators purchased online have become less of a stigma, and this has increased their popularity.

The liberation of sex, we believe, is a positive enhancement to sex lives everywhere. Sex should be fun, and we – at AdultProductsIndia.com – think that healthy use of sex toys can lead to a closer relationship where both participants are having fun and achieving their sexual needs.



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