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An Introduction to Sex Toys in India

sex toys india

In the 21s century, many people use sex toys in India and they are very popular. Indians purchase these toys from a wide range of stores available on the internet. The sale of such toys is banned in the country because of which most adults in India use the internet and look for online stores where they can find such adult related products. With the help of payment options like PayPal, credit card and debit card payments, wire transfer and netbanking, people are able to pay for these products and purchase them from different ecommerce stores on the net which sell them. These stores discreetly ship them to places across the country because of which people do not have to face any problems while purchasing them online.

India is the land of the Kamasutra, the oldest book of sex in the world. Since thousands of years, sex has been an integral part of the culture in the country. Even the gods and goddesses of Hinduism had very liberated views on sex and the religious texts in the country say that sex allows people to get closer to God. Most of the religious texts written by the saints and philosophers also talk a lot about sex. In fact, even women were allowed to be sexually liberated in ancient India and it was not looked down upon when any women was known to be promiscuous in nature, unlike in the west, where the only achieved sexual freedom a few centuries ago. People in the country have been sexually liberated for thousands years.

When India came under Islamic rule, which lasted for almost a thousand year, outlook towards sex changed and people adopted a more puritan and prudish outlook. Women lost their right to be sexually liberated and even men were taught that sex is an act which should only be meant for procreation. After the end of the Islamic rule, the British ruled India and they implemented prudish and backward laws regarding sex, which came into existence during the Victorian Era. In the late 20th and 21st century, these laws started to change and India started marching towards modernism. The mindset of a large majority of people living in urban areas has also changed and they are sexually liberated. Hence, some people are even ready to try sex toys in India. 

Modernism of sex toys in India

India is an outsourcing giant and has the largest English speaking population in the world. The people who live in metro cities are very westernized. They watch American and British movies and TV shows. Hence, they are exposed to the liberal culture that exists in those countries. Because of that, their outlook towards sex is very liberal and like people in the west, they like to try different means through which they can spice up their sex lives. Men and women in urban and modern India are willing to try a variety of tools for sexual pleasure, including toys. As they earn a decent amount of money every month, they do not shy away from purchasing these toys on the net, even if they can be a tad expensive for them.

Apart from the above reasons, there are many other reasons which make sexual toys very popular in the country. There are a variety of ways through which people in India can find sexual pleasure and intimacy online. The internet is full of sites that offer porn videos and sex stories. Some of these offer their services for free, while others charge a certain amount of money. A lot of people find sexual relief by enjoying such pornographic material. However, we must understand that porn can be too monotonous at times. People are often disheartened by porn because there is no human interaction. They find that porn lacks the human factor and it fails to offer them with what they require. This is why, they look for other, more intimate ways through which they can enjoy sexual pleasure. This adds to the number of people who opt for using sex toys in India.

Online stores which sell sex toys in India are aware of the fact that India has a large population and a lot of potential customers who make decent amount of money. They market their products to these people through ads on different sites, including social networking sites. When the people come across these ads, they become aware of what they are and what they can offer them. They also understand that it will not be very difficult for them to purchase these products. Also, in order to expand their business and to attract more customers these stores even offer the Indian customers with lucrative discounts because of which a lot of people in the country by the sexual products sold by these stores.

Increasing popularity of sex toys in India

The purchase of sex toys and sex equipment in India has sharply increased within the last decades, especially in the larger and more modern cities like Mumbai and Delhi. The use of sex toys in Mumbai and Delhi, as well as visting an online sex shop or adult store - to explore more avenues when it comes to seeking sexual pleasure - is less and less considered as a taboo these days. Various reasons can be found for this phenomenon.

As already mentioned earlier, a large number of the Indian population watches movies and TV shows that are produced in the United States, where sex is seen as a way to sell rather than a taboo. Moreover, most Indian men and women like to read, and with sexual pleasure being strongly promoted by international bestsellers like Fifty Shades of Grey (written by E. L. James), Indians are getting in contact with western ideas about sexuality more and more. The book, which is also made into a movie, describes how the lead characters make use of toys for sex and therefore has added to the popularity of sexy toys being used in the bedroom worldwide. Men and women have been influenced by this book to buy a sexual stimulator, or even multiple, to spice up their sex life. More than tv and books however it is the world wide web that adds most to the purchases of sex toys for girls as well as sex toys for boys.

The internet is full of sites that offer porn and a lot of people find sexual relief by enjoying pornographic material. On one hand this pornographic material stimulates the need to experiment and explore their sexuality by seeing things that they might want to try out. On the other hand a lot of people are often thrown off by porn. Some people find that porn lacks a certain factor of humanity and believe that it fails to offer them the sexual satisfaction they are looking for. They will look for other, more intimate ways through which they can enjoy sexual pleasure. Still porn, one way or another, heavily adds to the number of people who opt for using sex toys in India or are looking for Indian sex online.

The internet however does not only add to the purchase of sex items by distributing porn. It also is a great medium for people to find whatever information on how to spice up their sex life, and where to find the sex instruments needed. Basically all that one has to do is to go to a search engine and type in what it is they are looking for. For example , they can search for terms like:“girls sex toys”, “porn toy”, “sex dolls online” or “buy dildo”. Dozens of informative websites and online sex shops will then pop up.

Indian online sex stores are aware of the fact that India has a large population and a lot of potential customers. They market their products to people through ads on different sexual websites. Through these ads people become more aware of the existence of sex shops and the fact that it is not that difficult to buy these products.

In conclusion, access to liberal programs, the net and western ideas in general have resulted in a more liberal mindset among Indian people. They are less shy about their sexuality than in previous times and are willing to try new things so that they can enjoy new heights of pleasure. Meaning that they will more easily go to an online adult store to buy something like a dildo for men or turn on their pc’s to buy a vibrator online.
We from AdultProductsIndia.com like to believe that that is a very good development, as we feel that all people should be able to express and fulful their need for sexual pleasure.



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