Sex Toys in Bangalore: What the Most Purchased Sex Toys Say About Your Relationship

Bangalore has a reputation for being one of the most sexually forward thinking cities in the world. We took a closer look at the most popular sex toys in Bangalore and what type of relationship used them.

Who knew there were so many sex toys in India? But the words out and we’re listening intently. Sex toys in Bangalore can say a lot more about a relationship that you think. What you’re using solo may not exactly translate into a relationship, but then again, even if it doesn’t, you can always grab your partner and have hours of imaginative fun cruising all of the wet and wild possibilities of the hottest Bangalore sex toys.

Masturbators are used in just about every relationship. Just like your wife has her vibrators and dildos, it’s not uncommon or even unaccepted that a man should have a pocket pussy or fleshlight. Masturbators can also be a really fun addition to mutual masturbation, which is a great way to spice up a relationship, especially if it’s long distance. Besides it is the Most Viewed Category In India by Females!

It may come as no surprise that sex dolls are generally purchased by single men. It may be a bit shocking, however, to find out that there are actually sex dolls that are designed for women! These dolls have found a decent foothold in the markets lately, giving all you single ladies a bit more to fantasize about.

Fleshlights are essentially a modern marvel. Packed inside what appears to be a flashlight, is actually an on the go pleasure machine. Fleshlight tuck away cleverly crafted vaginas, in any shape you could imagine or desire. The shaft of the fleshlight is filled with sculpted and contoured silicon, to give you sweet sensations anywhere you are. Both single and men in relationships buy fleshlights, giving them the power to have what they want, when they want.

Condom sleeves are an excellent addition to any relationship. Especially those who have been going for awhile. Condom sleeves are thin silicon sleeves that cover your penis, tip and shaft. Many of them come with different types of massagers or enhancements to suit your preferences. With sex toys in Bangalore, purchases definitely seem to favor the “spiked” version. 

Male enhancement is something that men, both inside and outside of a relationship can really benefit from. Don’t wait until you meet the woman of your dreams to start working on the cock of your future. Penis sleeves, pumps, lotion, millions of products are available, and we suggest having all the fun, alone and with a partner, trying out each and every one of them.