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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Get the Best Sex Toy According to Your Horoscope

  • Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Get the Best Sex Toy According to Your Horoscope
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January 20 - February 18

Aquarius pretty much invented the term “chill”. Laid back, calm, and collected, Aquarius sometimes get a bad wrap for seeming too introverted. But really, they’re just happy to do their own thing.

Despite popular beliefs, Its element is air, you probably thought it was water, right? Aquarians are extremely funny people, with good overwhelming energy, they fall-friendly everywhere. This is what they show abroad, but the reality is that Aquarians have an extremely complex inner world, are insecure and are very afraid to end up alone.

Aquarians are constantly trying to make those around them laugh, but inside there is a great emptiness that cannot be filled with all the laughter in the world. This vacuum is what they try to compensate with impulsive and addictive behaviours, this is one of their main health problems; the addictions.

An Aquarius lover is second to none, they are very dedicated and show themselves as they are from the first minute when they love someone and feel comfortable, they are not afraid to show that dark side that not everyone wants to see. Never jealous and there when you need them, Aquarius will never smother their partners. While compassionate and caring, Aquarius can also be emotionally distant.

They go to all or nothing, if they love with intensity if they hate, they hate with intensity, they have many problems to find the midpoint. You must learn to live with a free spirit if you want to be part of Aquarius' relationships.


Aquarians will quickly invite the person they are interested to enter into the pluralistic world they formed in their mind! Trust us, they know where the fun is, and they will make sure that whoever accompanies them does not miss it.

Mellow and eccentric. They are always imagining the craziest sexual performances and has no problem to be the first to test the new intense gizmos, Aquarius likes to spice things up. They love to engage their imaginations, so sensory toys are a must. A realistic penis sleeve can throw in a shade of naughty without going over the top if are new to this.

They also like to have fun on the bed - you will never repeat the same positions again - you can shake things up and enter their imaginative world and invite them for a seductive game using a Spanking paddle and Tickler, believe us, this can be orgasmic playtime! You can change roles and test your limits with consented pain and pleasure together.

Aquarius- If you’re looking to really step outside of your normal box, a Chastity device will serve you well, sit back and watch your partner get ravaged while you take the voyeurs position for a night you’ll never forget.

Resume: Element - Air, Strengths - Creative and Calm, Weaknesses: Addictions & Uncompromising, Recommended zodiac sex toy - Realistic penis sleeve, Spanking paddle & Tickler and chastity device.

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