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Sagittarius, Stop Searching, the Answer Is: Butt Plug!

  • Sagittarius, Stop Searching, the Answer Is: Butt Plug!
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November 22 - December 21

The Sagittarians are the most energetic of the zodiac no wonder its element is fire, they cannot stand still for a second, they believe they are invincible and that all problems can be easily sold and that nothing affects them. But this is not the case, they always end up asking for help and feeling overwhelmed by wanting to hoard more than they can process.

They are extremely earthly and physical, they often find it difficult to interpret their own feelings and this leads them to feel very bad. They are also very dramatic and extremist, and after one day they forget what caused them pain.

As friends they are good companions, they are always present and they know how to have fun. In love they are difficult, they find it difficult to express their feelings and not to speak of expressing their anger. Because Sagittarius seems never to get mad at anyone, and this is not a completely healthy behaviour, it is necessary that they sometimes get angry and it results in arguments. But what happens is that Sagittarius believes that if he gets mad at someone, this someone will never want him again.

The wild child. Sagittarius is a fun, unpredictable, and carefree explorer with a thirst for the unknown. A Sag will not be anchored down: Should they feel trapped, expect them to just disappear. Sagittarius’ love is wild and free, with a desire for the outdoors and a deep sense of adventure. To snag this beautiful creature, grab their hand and never let go. You will see more of the world than you ever knew existed.


Get outside! Making love under the stars or a waterfall are a Sag’s wildest fantasies. They are never afraid to explore and love to learn and experience new things. Get a public session started with dirty truth or dare poker pack. Glass butt plug is perfect for a Sags clear affection for nature. They’re plastic-free and easy to clean.

Single or not Sag always enjoy a good time on his own, try some masturbator like a flashlight. Some sex toys are disguised so you can use it on outdoors too, they are aroused by adventures and taking some risks - do it wisely! Another way to feed the Sage hungry for adventure is surprising them with new dates ideas, our Date Night game can help you out.

Sagittarius- Get yourself a remote control egg. Whether you’re using it on your partner or giving them full control- you’ll love the sneaky and spontaneous eroticism of getting your partner giddy outside of the bedroom.

Resume: Element - Fire, Strengths - Energetic and Fun, Weaknesses: Inpatient and Non-Diplomatic, Recommended zodiac sex toy - glass butt plug, flashlight and remote control egg.

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