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Big Dildos

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Afro Lifelike Vibrating Dong
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Double Dong XL 14"
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Takeo Giant Penis
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Double Dong
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Super Thick Soft Penis
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Lesbian-headed god
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Monster Dildo
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Maia - Silicone PorporaD1
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Blush Cici Blue
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How to use Big Dildos

Have fun with Big Dildos

Big dildos are probably one of the most ancient sex toys that are explicitly phallic in their appearance. For those who like it big in India; a big dildo can give you maximum pleasure in a steamy session of solo sex or intercourse. These non-vibrating pleasure rods are endlessly versatile and can be used to penetrate and stimulate the vaginal and anal regions as per the user’s desire. The phallic shape of most big dildos makes them best for vaginal, oral and/or anal penetration but big dongs have been also used as a fetish item since time immemorial in India and elsewhere.


A normal dildo is equivalent to the average penis size whereas a big dildo is surely a few inches longer and a few centimetres wider than average dimensions to match your erotic fantasies. Big dildos are often the first choice when someone begins their exploration of attaining sexual pleasure using alternative means because these toys don't have motors or moving parts. A big dildo cannot do anything on its own unlike a vibrator but in your hands it can be made to do what you personally like. The pleasure received from big dildos is mainly by penetration but not limited to it and you can use them quite creatively to steam up your sex life.


Big dildos are versatile tools of pleasure in the hands of anyone who can wield them in many ways - by using them for gentle massage of the erogenous zones of the body, or as gags and for oral penetration. Some specially designed dildos can even hit the G-spot accurately and make a lady achieve multiple, shuddering orgasms. These big dildos are good for those who like to have something big inside them.


Let your fancy lead the way and choose among gigantic dildos made of plastic, metal, plain rubber, silicone, vinyl, wood, and glass. This variety makes these the most personalised adult products as you can have a toy in a texture you prefer and in any shape or size imaginable. Big dildos are replicas of real penises; and though they are the most basic sex toys, they can give your routine sex life a huge push literally.


The best tool only second to the real thing for internal or external stimulation is a big dildo in good hands or strapped on to a ready to thrust pelvis. You can choose a soft velvet finish or a slightly ribbed shaft as your pleasure-giving bedside companion. Big dildos are easy to carry around in a handbag even when on the go and ready to use whenever you need some intimate action. The textures can be ribbed, smooth, bumpy, or veined. Dildos have variants with handles and suction cups to make them even easier to use alone or on a partner.


Titillation of the erogenous zones can be even more mind blowing than real intercourse and big dildos are the best to titillate yourself or your partner. They can help you experience new sensations and enhance both solo play and sex with your partner. With these big dildos you can live out your wildest fantasies.


Who can use our Big Dildos?

Dildos can be used by both men and women. Reclaim the pleasurable sensations of your body with a flexible yet firm realistic big dildo or grab a big one to be your dependable sex partner whenever and wherever you like. Nothing works for a quickie or a sudden sexual craving than the gratifying thrusting of a big dildo right where you want it.


The 24.5cm large realistic dildo made of a flesh-coloured Phthalate Free TPE material is a preferred choice among Indian users who want a real-looking big dildo. The realistic texture on every extra inch of similar big toys feels incredible inside your pleasure orifices. The bulbous head can give you an exquisite internal massage when the dildo glides in and out of you. The raised veins are designed to rub your most sensitive areas just right and feel as real as an actual hard on. These can be your ideal partner in solo pleasures and help you raise the steam.


The shafts are flexible and warm up to your own body temperature as you use it, enhancing the pleasure and novelty. Couples can use these in foreplay or in bedroom games and enjoy the adjustable, textured and realistic big dildos; some of them even better than the real ‘thing’.


What is the right size for me?

While choosing the size of your dildo, you must ensure that you get a size that is comfortable for both you and/or your lover. Generally “bigger is always better” is the norm but be sure to match the dildos with your personal dimensions. The types of dildos you can choose from are:


  • - Smooth dildos made from silicone, plastic, rubber etc. great for quick thrusting and anal stimulation if you are in a mood of gentle stroking over a rough ride.

  • - Shape Curved G-spot and Prostate Dildos with an appealing curve that can put more pressure into the G-spot or prostate and multiply your pleasure manifold.

  • - Strap-on Dildos are ideal for real sex like penetration vaginally and anally.

  • - Anal Dildos with a flared base handle or ring at the end to manoeuvre it in and out of the anus easily and prevent accidental slipping in completely.

  • - Double Dildos are the ones with two heads for twice the pleasure from both ends and are not just double the size but also double the pleasure. These can be used by women to accomplish both anal and vaginal penetration at once or by two partners together. Use the Double dong which has no colour or vibration but works its magic so well that it is one of the most popular big dongs in India.

  • - Vibrating Dildos are like a combo of a vibrator and a dildo on which vibration levels can be set as per your own liking.


If you are not used to using big sex toys in India earlier, you must choose your first big dildo with caution. First ease yourself into using oversized sex toys and estimate the girth and length you can take in comfortably. Get used to the toy by using it for self-pleasure first and gradually open up to the width and texture.


Cleaning these biggies is also a must to get infection-free, long lasting action. Wipe down the surface and make sure the dildo is completely dry before storage every time. You can use a sex toy cleaner to sterilize it if you prefer. Make sure you know what cleaner to use for the toy you have as not all cleaning products match well with all sex toy textures. Using a condom over the dildo can keep it smelling, looking and feeling great.


Big dildos are for the adventure seeking singles and couples. Get rid of the regular dildos and get to a whole new level of satisfaction with their deep penetration. If you are not happy with normal sized adult sex toys, try the big dildos. Test the elasticity of your own body and expand your sexual arsenal with toys that are bigger and better and can make you squirm every time.