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And you should be too. There’s nothing shameful about exploring sexuality and anal toys are the best way to open new doors into your own brand of sensuality. Sex toys in India are becoming increasingly popular, and one type of toy that is finally getting its turn to shine. Anal toys and anal play have been considered taboo for far too long. People all over the world are embracing the sensual pleasures that anal play can unlock. Whether you’ve never tried it, are just a bit curious, or can’t live without it, anal toys can offer you the next level of sexual satisfaction.


If you’re just getting into the wide world of anal toys, there’s a few things you need to know. Anal play can be really exciting, creating new sensations to rock your world and your orgasms. But just like with any other new toys you plan on introducing into the bedroom, anal toys come with a bit of a learning curve. For any bum play beginner, there are some very important things you need to know before you go knocking on the back door.


The Wide World of Anal Toys


Communication is Key

Always make sure that you talk with your partner. Whether you’re planning on introducing anal beads or just a simple vibrator- always make sure to talk with your partner about desires and dislikes. You should both be excited and open to try out new sexual styles with anal toys. Never feel pressured, or let your partner pressure you into something you don’t think you’re ready for. Even if you are excited about the idea, it’s always okay to change your mind.


If you’re ever curious about how to engage in anal sex with your partner, or how to bring up the subject of anal toys, there are a number of super helpful books and articles that can be found on our site. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have.


Take it Slow

Anal toys take time. No matter how sexy your new anal toys seems, no one should go from nada to a big papa anal plug. Using anal toys correctly means that you have to take your time working up to full on anal play. Keep communicating. If your toy feels uncomfortable of painful, make sure to stop. Change up pressures and size by working in some fantastic oral or digital foreplay. Remember to relax and have fun, because anal play, like any other type of sex, should never be painful or stressful. Have fun with your anal toy and it will surely have fun with you!


Lube Up!

Other enjoyable orifices (like vaginas and mouths) are self-lubricating. This means that the body produces its own lube in these areas. The anus is not one of these areas. Anal toys take TONS of lube to work correctly. The tissues of the anus and rectum are not only extremely fragile, they are also more likely to absorb harmful chemicals and are prone to infection or disease. With extra lube, this will help keep these sensitive tissues intact, protecting them from problems. Always make sure that you are using an approved and safe water based lube. This will keep you from irritating tissues or absorbing harmful chemicals.


Condoms are also a great way to keep things wet and wild. Besides offering the best protection against STDs, condoms can also help reduce the friction between anal tissues and other skin surfaces. They can also be used on many anal toys to help keep them clean and silky smooth.


Always Use the Right Anal Toy

Always, ALWAYS make sure that you’re using an anal toy that is specially designed to be just that! Because of how the muscles and sphincters of the anus and rectum work, toys that aren’t specially designed for anal use can easily get lost. Any anal toy you plan on using should have a wide base, this helps prevent the toys from getting lost or stuck. Some anal toys, like anal beads, don’t necessarily have a base, but the do have a ring. This allows them to be easily controlled by the user, making them ideal not only for couples play, but also for some extra sexy solo time.


Keep it Clean

Anal toys can help couples and singles alike explore their bodies and find out how to embrace new heights and better climax. With that in mind, it’s really important to be mindful about the fact that once you use your anal toys, you’re probably going to want to use them again! So this means that not only do you need to keep your body clean and healthy, you also need to pay close attention to the cleanliness of your toy. Choosing an anal toy that’s made out of silicone or glass can mean that you’re toy is incredibly easy to clean and disinfect. There’s also a ton of really great Sex Toy cleaners that can not only keep your anal toy clean, but in top shape. Keeping your anal toys squeaky clean means that they’ll be ready to rock every time you are.


Choosing the Best Anal Toy

There are many different kinds of anal toys, from anal plugs, to prostate massagers and anal beads. So, with all of these amazing anal toys at your fingertips and ready to order, how do you know which one works best for you? Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how they work and who they work for. Taking it slow the entire time.


Anal Beads

Anal beads are easily the best toy for any bottom beginner. Anal beads generally have casacading sizes, meaning they start out small and simple, and get big and burly. Letting you slowly work up your courage as you work up your anal bead size.


Anal beads can easily and safely to be incorporated into a solo routine as well, making them incredibly versatile. For extra flair, check out anal beads with optional vibrating functions or a naughty arrowhead style.

Anal Beads Yellow
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Anal Beads Black
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Regular Price: ₹3,933

Special Price ₹2,162


Anal Plugs

Anal plugs, buttplugs, bombs, pegs- call them what you like, anal plugs are just plain awesome for everyone. For the anal intermediate, anal plugs are a spectacular way to continue on your ass play journey. Easy to use, even easier to clean, anal plugs are great for couples and singles alike. Anal plugs come in a number of different sizes and shapes, but they always have a wide base.


Anal plugs can be left in during all sorts of erotic acrobatics, inserted or removed slowly to really amp up that pleasure power. They can also come in a number of styles, weights, and with all sorts of fun accessories.

Foam Beads Glass Anal Plug - Blue / Pink
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Buttplug - Multi Color & Shape
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Metal Buttplug Green Diamond
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Anal Dildos and Vibrators

Sure, you could absolutely use a regular old vaginal dildo as a rad anal toy, but for a beginner, or really anyone under pro status- regular dildos can be a lot to handle. They can also make cleaning and disinfecting a little bit harder, as many dildo-especially realistic dildos, can have many small contours and protrusions.


Anal dildos on the other hand are specially designed and shaped to provide every anus with maximum pleasure. Perfectly designed to stimulate the male prostate as well as enhance the feminine orgasm. Add some kick to your kink by choosing an anal dildo that has a vibrating function, or pair your anal toy with some delightful lube.


Male Prostate Toys

Often called the male G-Spot, the prostate gland is only accessible from inside the rectum. Stimulating this area (known as milking the prostate) can heighten the sensation and enjoyment of intercourse for males. Added bonus? Prostate toys and massagers can actually act to protect men’s health as well. As if you needed another excuse to love your anal toy…


Consider talking to your partner about using a vibrating prostate toy alongside of some handy work. Up the game by choosing to use a pocket pussy instead of just their hand. Because the only thing better than anal toys, is more anal toys.

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