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A Beginner's Guide


Using anal toys during anal sex, which was once considered a taboo, is now becoming more and more popular in India. As it should, because there can be found quite some pleasure when engaging in it. Many people find it very arousing and enjoyable and can’t do without it anymore, while others are still more skeptical. Whether it is something that you would enjoy is something that you have to decide for yourself - just as with any other sort of sexual interaction. In case you want to give it a try, there are some things that you need to be aware of.


First of all, communication, comfort, and relaxation are key. In order for it to be a pleasurable experience, both parties need to have agreed upon it. Be open about your preferences and dislikes, and never pressure someone or let someone pressure you into doing it. If both have agreed, then remember not to rush it. If you are on the giving end, make sure that you go slow and that you stop if there is any pain or resistance. If you are on the receiving end it will help to relax the muscles and focus on your breathing. Also, it is recommended to work your way up and to prepare the bottom with fingers, tongue or a very small anal toy, like a plug.


In addition, when having anal sex it is very important to use a water-based lubricant since the anus - unlike the vagina - cannot produce its own. The tissue of the rectum is very fragile and without lubrication there may be discomfort and pain. Because of the fragility of the tissue, it is also extra important to use a condom in order to prevent HIV, which can spread more easily if there are tears in the anus.


Last, but not least: don’t forget about hygiene. This will not only make you feel more comfortable but is also very important to prevent infections. After having penetrated the rectum, the penis should never be put into the vagina or mouth without changing the condom or washing it first. The same goes for anal toys. Bacteria in the anus can cause severe infections.


Anal sex toys and how to choose


There are many different kinds of sex toys available that can be used for the rectum and the choice may depend on your level of expertise and preference. So how do you know which one is perfect for you? Here’s an overview of the various available anal toys and how to decide.


Beads and plugs


If you are a beginner you might want to start with beads or plugs. Because of their spheres, beads are the ideal toys for beginners. They start off with small beads, but gradually increase in size. This allows you to enjoy more girth and length as it goes inside of you. This type of toy can be used during masturbation, intercourse, or stimulation of the rectum. For optimized pleasure, it can be pulled out right before an orgasm. You might want to try the Pulse Flirtation Sticks or the Booty Beads.


Butt plugs as well are very popular among beginners and are used to stretch the anus to prepare them for something else, such as a dildo or actual intercourse, or they can be used for long-term stimulation. If you’re a first timer, then the smaller editions such as the Beaded Head Sucker and the Rocket Sucker are the ones for you. Butt plugs also come in medium to large sizes. The Little Plug, for example, is a medium-sized version, whereas the Dichoric Plug is the choice for the more experienced people who might prefer larger versions. There are also inflatable versions available which can grow up to 5 times their resting size. Bear in mind to choose a small one because you can always increase its size by pumping. When using, make sure to use a lot of lubricant and to inflate slowly. Another variation you might want to look into is the vibrating edition. The best vibrating editions are those with a slim tip and graduated shaft because these are the easiest to insert. When using these products, make sure to insert them fully before turning the vibrations on.


Dildos and vibrators


Dildos are some of the more favorite toys used for this kind of sexual play. Though regular dildos can also be used, these are usually more than what beginners can handle. Anal dildos are better for beginners because of their tapered heads, which makes insertion easier. These types of dildos are also shaped so that the man’s prostate glands and the back wall of the woman’s vaginas is stimulated. The Layer of Pleasure sets are the favorites when it comes to normal anal sex while the Rocket Sucker is the best choice if using a harness. Some harness kits, such as the Strap on Double Anal Plug  and the Strap On Double Dongs, already pair dildos with the harnesses.


A vibrator is a perfect choice for those who like to add an extra dimension to their experience. Vibrators come in many different shapes and sizes, so there should be a perfect one for everybody. They penetrate fantastically and provide tingling sensations that push you into one of the best orgasms ever experienced. To compare a variety of these anal toys, browse our category of Anal Vibrators.


Male Prostate Toys


As suggested by its name, these toys are specifically designed to stimulate a man’s prostate glands, which are found at least 2 inches inside the anus. Using these anal toys will allow your man to experience incredible orgasms. In fact, there are numerous reports of having climaxed just from prostate play. If you think this might be what you are looking for, then take a look at the Rhino Prostate Massage designed to stimulate the P-spot.




If you’re looking for easy-to-clean toys, then you should pick ones that are made out of silicone. These soft yet firm toys can easily be disinfected and shared with others. However, it is important to note that these cannot be used with silicone lubes. Fyi, we have a range of cleaning products which can be found here:

Sex toy cleaners


Some last advice...

Keep in mind that anal sex is not a one-step deal. As a learning process, it is important to read up on it once in a while. Books such as Anal Pleasure and Health, and articles such as “How To Have Anal Sex” are very helpful when it comes to learning this art, so check out our extensive listing today to get all your anal toys in India shipped right to your door!

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