Sex Education: What Pune’s Most Popular Sex Toys Tell Us

Pune has been known as the educated hub of India for years. Known as the “Oxford of the East”, the city houses over 811 colleges and a number of highly recognized universities and trade schools. The city is also home to a large number of the Indian population, coming in at the ninth biggest city in the country, where it’s metropolitan area holds over 5 million people.


Just because you’re not in school doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two from Pune. The city also has another curiosity with worldwide appeal - it is one of the largest buyers of sex toys in India. The real education lies in what Pune’s enlightened citizens are buying.


Taking a bit of a diversion from more traditional toys, Pune proves itself to be the forward thinking and liberal metropolis that it is thought to be, with their choices in adult toys. Pune sex toys du jour are a little bit more single minded, leading us to believe that the city is staying true to form and encouraging its citizens to explore their bodies and their minds while they also feed them.



While the ladies have pretty much cornered the market on devices meant to please - like vibrators and dildos, men are finally getting there moment in the sun. Or the bedroom. While feminine masturbators are still big sellers, newly designed male masturbators are hot on their tail. Masculine masturbators range of the super popular pocket pussy, to the kinda kinky vibrating glove, that provides deep sensation with the pulsing finger tips and a non-slip grip!


Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are so much more than the funny blow up companions that you buy for bachelor parties. Sex dolls are now incredibly life-like and feel just like the real thing. They’ve also begun to design the dolls with discretion in mind - focusing on just the parts you're interested in, like a self-warming pussy or large silicone breasts. Meaning your mind is the only limit to the ecstasy a doll can provide.


Condom Sleeves

Condom sleeves are a great addition to the couples bedroom game. The sleeves fit over the penis similar to a condom, slightly changing the shape of your member to hit all of her favourite spots. Ideally designed to better stimulate your partner, and make you feel like the sex-god you are. Condom sleeves come in many shapes, meaning that you can be Thor, and rain down thunder with girth improving bulges, or channel your inner Hades with some sexy soft spikes.


Realistic Dildos

Like the song says, “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby”. Realistic dildos are the perfect way to completely satisfy urges and fantasies without the complex hassles of dating, or even leaving your house! A list of adult toys in Pune just wouldn’t be complete without them. Realistic dildos provide the look and feel of an actual cock. One that is always hard and ready - whenever you are.


Penis Enhancement

A little penis enhancement is something that almost every guy dreams of achieving. Luckily there is a massive number of available creams, machines, and supplements designed to make this happen for you. One of the greatest parts of any adult toy hunt  is exploring and testing out all of the incredible products, ensuring that you find exactly what it is that works for you.