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Horoscope Sexology: Find The Best Sex Toys according to Your Zodiac Signs

  • Horoscope Sexology: Find The Best Sex Toys according to Your Zodiac Signs
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Horoscope Sexology: Find The Best Sex Toys according to Your Zodiac Signs

Raise your hand - who feels like they’re maybe not living their best sex life? Don’t feel bad about it, lulls in sexuality are perfectly normal in any marriage. At some point, all of us feel like there is something our inner sex kitten is missing. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for choosing the companion and help of a sex toy sometimes.

It may be time to take a peek at some alternative methods for getting things back on track. Lucky for you, we have just the thing. Your horoscope can tell you a ton of stuff about the sex you should be having. We’ve prepared a guide that reveals the magical singularities of the sex toys according to your zodiac signs. Always been curious about anal beads? Well, you’re in luck Cancer, because now is the time to try them. It’s time to let the stars guide your way to pleasure.

Get pumped, because we have the best sex toys tips, tricks, and positions based on your unique Vedic astrology sign. Vedic astrology is a little more nuanced than traditional Western horoscopes, giving you a more in-depth look at how to live your best life, and even how to have the best sex.

This is also about love! Showing you care about your partner's sexual pleasure is an affectionate way to demonstrate how much you love your better half or even yourself. Trying new things together can only bring joy for both!

We’ll use expertly analyzed Vedic zodiac signs to tell you exactly what you should be doing to put the bang back in the bedroom. Horoscopes can reveal deeply ingrained patterns and personalities. They can show you how to insights into how to best develop your hobbies and talents. How you interact best with others and learn. And even- what sex you should be having. Horoscope sexology will guide you on your sexual journey.

Yes, a properly chartered Vedic horoscope can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about yourself and how best to continue on your journey of life. “Vedic” however, might be a new term for you, so let’s break it down a little.

Vedic vs. Western Astrology

While both astrological philosophies have a common goal: to relieve suffering, improve happiness, and explore the way our ‘selves’ interact with the universe. The two philosophies go about determining these goals in very different ways. Perhaps the most important difference between Vedic and Western astrology is that Vedic astrology uses a fixed zodiac, or “sidereal”, where Western astrology uses a mutable zodiac or a “tropical”.

The best way to explain sidereal astrology is that it uses signs based on the fixed positions of the stars, so it never changes no matter how far into the future, or how far into the past you look. The stars will always be in a fixed position relative to the earth and the sun. With tropical astrology, signs are based on the equinoxes- where the sun is according to the horizon. So while tropical signs will remain mostly constant and begin and end in certain months, however- the equinoxes are affected by the tilt of the earth, so the signs of tropical astrology will change over time. Meaning that if you look into the past or the future, you will have to adjust your sign and how the planets affect it.

Another important distinction is that Vedic astrology relies heavily on the lunar system, where Western astrology focuses on the sun’s movements. The difference here is that a moon-based astrology system can more accurately tell a person detailed information about many different aspects of their life, including things like sexuality and karmic balances of past lives.

Solar based astrology tends to reveal more about personality traits and psychological aspects of the human condition, with little to no emphasis on other important parts of our lives.

The Signs and What They Tell Us

The lunar-based system is pretty amazing at helping to get your sex life back on track. Our expert gave us a quick rundown of all 12 zodiac signs major overviews but focused on the love and sexuality profiles. Then we took that knowledge and wove it with our own to create a tailor-made shopping guide. Noting which toys best fit your individual alignment.

The fundamental thing is not to press yourselves or feel panic to discover that you are not sexually compatible with your partner, at least from an astrological point of view. In the end, we determine our happiness ourselves, and the challenge of building a future together can be fun despite the obstacles that arise along the way. Here at Adult Products India, we encourage that you try new things and add the sex toy that is missing in your life.

You can also consult all the other zodiac signs and know their best sex toy here:













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astro ramlaxman 9 months ago at 4:37 PM
I value the manner in which you have dispelled widespread misconceptions regarding astrology in this blog. revealing and instructive!

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