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Aries Is down for Anything, from Strapon to Flogger, the Fun Is Here!

  • Aries Is down for Anything, from Strapon to Flogger, the Fun Is Here!
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March 21 - April 19

Aries are independent and free. They’re excellent at passing the reins once they get balls rolling, so they can be off onto their next task. This can be both good and bad, as it creates a fierce sense of self-sufficiency which can make Aries feel distant.

In love, Aries is aggressive and confident, Aries can even be a bit overwhelming and scare some partners.

Aries comes in strong, with quick and fierce adoration, followed by an almost instantaneous casual comfort. Its element is fire, they will know how to mark its presence in each field that includes it.

If you are thinking about some “me time” - yes, we are talking about masturbation - Aries will seek pleasure in the most efficient sex toy but also exciting through direct and precise gadgets.

Aries can try everything in this life, and although not everything they decide to try will excite them, the truth is that you will like less to stay with the doubt.


Cards on the table - Aries is the Royalty of one-night-stands because they are fast-paced. This sign is fantastic at having a super passionate roll in the hay and then silently slipping out, never to be seen again. On the good side it also means that they can get quickly aroused and satisfied - yes we are sugarcoating it actually they can be perceived as selfish and try to rush the foreplay just to get right to the point. Even though they are always sincere and vocal on what they want and need it is not always a constant behaviour, so pay attention and listen to them.

But catch an Aries and you’re in for a treat - it might be hard so pay attention to signals - If an Aries prefers to watch a series or sit on the couch with his computer to go out in a romantic plan, it is to consider a red alert.

An ever dominant presence, Aries pairs best sexually with extremes and isn’t afraid to whip out a realistic strapon now and again. Aries have next to no fear in committed relationships and love to experiment with new and exciting things like vibrating penis sleeves, especially when they’re with their partners. Aries do best with high-energy and wild sex.

Aries- snag yourself a Kamasutra and prepare to get kinky. New styles and complicated positions are no match for your sexual prowess. Consider picking up a bondage kit too, and show your partner what it means to dominate in the bedroom - if you are new to it try a flogger or a whip in front of the mirror, start gently and take it from there. Keep the excitement and that spark that united you for a prosperous future.

Resume: Element - Fire, Strengths - Determined and Enthusiastic, Weaknesses: Inpatient & Selfish, Recommended zodiac sex toy - Strapon, Vibrating Penis Sleeves and whip.

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