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Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos

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20cm Jelly Dong
Takeo Giant Penis
Double Dong
Super Thick Soft Penis
Silicone Dildo
Inflatable Realistic Cock
Realistic Inflatable Dildo Strap-On Kit

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Vibrating Jelly Multi-Speed Vibrator

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Pleasure Fantasy Vibe

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Super Rota Dong

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Life Like Dildos for Exquisite Sensations

Realistic dildos: As real as it gets

Experimentation under the sheets is essential to keep the spark alive and this has revolutionized adult products in general. Realistic dildos continue to be the hot favourite. With a cylindrical shape to penetrate the vagina, a dildo is the most easily accessible and commonly used sex toy in India and all over the world.


Crafted from lifelike materials with the look and feel of a real penis, these realistic dildos are a result of the demand for new and more exciting sex toys in India and worldwide. "Dildos" is like an umbrella term that includes all items designed to be inserted into body orifices that look and feel much like an actual man’s penis.


The real looking realistic dildos are so true to life that anyone can even mistake them for the real thing. Latest realistic dildos are made out of cyberskin and UR3 that are both forms of latex and have an outer appearance similar to a real penis. Cyberskin realistic artificial cocks have the quality of being smooth and soft on the outside and firm and stiff on the inside. That is a rare combo even in the real goodies!


Most modern, high quality rubber cocks are made from a unique combination of silicone and PVC plastic. The exact percentage of these materials in the final compound is an industry secret not disclosed easily but these are marketed under different brand names like UR3.0 and Cyberskin. The basic structure of these realistic dildos is a firm core made up of silicone and covered by a softer outer layer. Such a construction makes the toy feel quite similar to an actual erection that has soft skin but is firm when inserted in the vagina, mouth or anus.


Realistic dildos are the best way to derive sexual pleasure when the real thing is not available. Some of these are modelled from actual penises of good looking virile men and are designed to possess natural looking veins and balls to make them look veritable. For acquiring a more real and pleasurable experience, these dildos can be warmed before using and you can get a fully realistic penetrative experience with one of these.


Designed particularly for better penetration, real looking realistic dildos can be inserted vaginally, anally or orally to practice blow-job skills. Some of these dildos have harnesses and can be strapped on to give the pleasure of penetration to your partner.


Realistic Dildos and the perks


These realistic dildos are made to resemble real penises closely because superb attention is paid to minor detailing and moulding on the line of some great actual erections. The well rounded heads, firm shaft, bulging testicles, rippling veins, and curve are created to look as real as a penis on a man. Ideal for fast and easy thrusting by hand or strap-on penetration, these are some really striking erections. Finely sculpted skin details like layers of colour, realistic veins, and other subtle skin textures such as freckles add to the realism of these fake cocks.


A lot of effort has been put in these little sex toys to fulfil all your anal and vaginal cravings. So get your kink on with a wide range of realistic dildos. Rock and ride one of these and enjoy the overwhelming sexual sensations of real sex-like penetrations. Choose from limp or firm, glow in the dark, life sized models, oversized huge dildos and many more variants to bring alive the wildest fantasies you have always had about penises.


These dongs are categorised as "realistic" because they mimic something nature could have made in reality but is not available to everyone. They basically represent well-endowed penises. While the basic function of spicing up your sex-life remains the same, realistic dildos are an aesthetic choice because they bring to you a package that you would like to have access to in your bedroom.


Better than the best


Modern advances in materials and techniques have improved the quality and feel of the realistic dildos by leaps and bounds. Now you do not need a well-endowed partner for satisfying and mind blowing sex every time when you are craving for some sexual escapade. Just get hold of one for your adult toy collection and let your imagination run wild.


These realistic dildos are made to be as good or sometimes even bigger and better than real penises in every imaginable variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Especially the sizes of these babies can range greatly from the small to large, extra-large and sometimes gigantic like straight out of some sex fantasy tale. They are available in every conceivable skin colour, and also a choice of specific details like more or less veins and variations in shades and sizes of testicles.


Why get a realistic dildo?


Getting realistic dildos can work wonders on your boring to normal sex life. These are the best and safest sex toys for exploration beyond the restrictions of an actual sex life. If you want to experience a larger or smaller cock size than that of your partner or nurture a fantasy about sex with a cock of a different colour, then this is the solution. Heterosexual men who are keen to explore their bisexual or gay side but want to do so without being disloyal to their female partner can use these realistic dildos to get as close as they can to having sex with a man with a real good cock.


A dildo is intended to be inserted into the body to give you a feeling of fullness, and can then be moved in an out to simulate real intercourse. Only a real looking cock can get you to experience the sensations created by a real penis.


Using a realistic dildo that is life-like


It is best to clean your life-like dildo with just a liquid antibacterial soap and cover the toy with a condom during use to avoid potential infections. Lesbians can use these synthetic cocks to enhance their lovemaking while heterosexual couples can experiment with these especially for gender role reversals.


Buy realistic dildos in India suiting your needs to experiment sexually with your partner or alone. These penis replicas can help you in bridging the gap between your wild fantasies and reality. Let your love toy give you plenty of orgasms and secret pleasures you had never known before. Order Now!