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Turn back the clock with an artificial hymen

Often women have lost their virginity well before getting married. This is in many cases not a problem, but there are situations where this is highly undesirable. A great innovation that can help out women experiencing this problem is the artificial hymen. This product will help women rewind time and feel like a virgin all over again. It is designed especially for  women that want to prevent virginity issues with their future husbands and also for couples who are getting tired of their monotonous sexual rituals. It is the result of a newly developed medical technology that will help women “restore” their virginity. Created using completely body safe products, this amazing product has also been designed to spill a little blood (all natural red dye liquid) for the complete dramatic experience. So, if you wish to keep your past love life a secret from your future husband or just want to introduce some action into your sex life, this product will do wonders for you.

How does it work?

One of the best features of this product is that it is easy to use and the instructions are quite simple to understand. The most important thing is to wash your hands thoroughly before coming in any contact with the package. Slowly insert the little pouch up to the size of your index finger and it will start liquefying in a matter of minutes. The product should be inserted into the vagina around 15-20 minutes before intercourse for optimum results. The artificial hymen is designed to dissolve into your vagina owing to the body heat and vaginal moisture. At first, the product will expand a little and make you feel tighter by the minute. It also creates a thin skin like membrane that acts as the fake hymen during intercourse. The product is designed to break upon complete penetration and discharge fake blood, exactly like your first time. It is worth noting that if the vagina is dry, all you need to do is wet the artificial hymen before insertion for optimum results. Also, waiting for more than 20 minutes after insertion may result in the product losing its grip and form a little bit. Hence we recommend you time your love making session for optimal results. Cleaning up after using it is really easy, although you might want to use a towel for the bloodstains.  This product is also known as the “Chinese hymen” or “fake hymen”, and is regarded as the best artificial virginity method that does not require surgery. The set contains 2 small pouches that are made of water soluble cellulose that is 100% body safe.

Benefits of buying an Artificial hymen with AdultProductsIndia.com

  • A product that allows you to keep a secret,
  • You can spice up your sex life,
  • Open yourself and your partner to you new adventures and role play scenarios,
  • No need for a vaginal rejuvenation surgery, better known as hymenoplasty.
  • No doctor visits or any sort of gynecological exams,
  • Non-toxic and no side effects,
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • The product is available for fast delivery and cash on delivery options
  • Restore your virginity in style
  • Kiss your deep, dark secrets goodbye
  • Fake blood, created using red dye liquid, for the ultimate real-life effect

There are, still, a lot of places in the world where virginity of a girl holds so much unnecessary importance. A hymen can break in a lot of situations, regardless of the activity being sexual in nature. A lot of women break their hymen during exercising, swimming, or some other physical activity. A fake or artificial hymen can do the trick and your secret will be safe with us. Many women may have thought about restoring their hymen to its original shape at some or the other point in time. If it seems that your husband or boyfriend is ready for something new in bedroom, spice things up with this outstanding artificial hymen and watch your boring sexual routine transform into a surprise and exciting love making session. You can add a few moans and groans for the ultimate experience and watch your lover fall in love with you all over again. 

Artificial hymen will take you back in time

At AdultProductsIndia.com we provide men and women with a lot of ground-breaking products and sex toys to boost their morale in all areas related to their sex life. Our extensive collection will provide you with the ultimate sexual satisfaction and encourage you to try new things behind bedroom doors. This artificial hymen is a top-quality product that makes It possible for the ladies to have a tight, intact vagina without the physical and mental pressure of going through hymenoplasty or taking pills with possible side effects. It is made with 100% natural products of medical grade quality and feels like an intact female hymen during intercourse. It will increase your sexual appetite manifold and the husband or boyfriend will look at you in a new light. You will feel like a young woman again and witness your partner fall in love with you one more time. It presents couples  with an opportunity to experience breaking  virginity one more time with their chosen one. It can also be a great tool for enhanced sexual performance and increased sensual pleasure for both the parties.

Do wish to start your new life in confidence? Do you wish to keep your past a secret from your future husband? Do you wish to surprise your partner on his birthday? Would you like your partner to think you are a virgin? Do you want a tight, intact vagina and turn the clock back a little bit? f you answered yes to any of those questions, just buy the all new artificial hymen and experience for yourself. 

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