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Cancers Can Be Kinky, Get Surprised with Anal Beads!

  • Cancers Can Be Kinky, Get Surprised with Anal Beads!
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June 21 - July 22

Cancers are the protectors and parents of the world. They love to care for others. However, their water sign keeps them in near-constant flux. These natives are consistently ebbing and flowing, sometimes overwhelmingly happy, and others retracted and distant.

People born under this sign have an incredible capacity for understanding and hindsight. This means that they can see things from many different perspectives and their great emotional memory makes them very understanding because they can come and go from the past without a problem and as many times as they want, in order to analyze things until they find a reason for everything.

In love they are extremely demanding and can only be with people they consider very intelligent or very interesting, people whom they respect intellectually, otherwise they lose interest very easily. Being so intelligent and capable in the intellectual, cancer is usually one of the most superb and individualistic signs of the zodiac, they really believe that they know everything and that they have seen everything, this gives them a very high degree of security in themselves, but at the same time it takes them away from social reality and they run the risk of ending up totally isolated from all over the world.

Cancer can be a frustrating partner because they won’t deal with problems head-on, but instead, try and find creative solutions through related situations. They are incredibly sensitive, sometimes to the point of being touchy - but, if you take good care of a Cancer, they will take spectacular care of you. For them, the worst is criticism, they don’t handle it well and will feel hurt - might not look like it but some might say they hide their feelings under a shell.


Cancers are one of the most bipolar zodiac signs in bed. Their sexual desires can be tranquil or roaring, depending on the tides of their desire! Cancers, while in sexual flux, are always sentimental. They want to have deeply meaningful sex with their partners, whether or not it’s kinky and they will make everything to please their partner. Penis Ring, like the ones that vibrate, are an excellent way to share the increase in sensations that the vibes will bring. Massage oils are always a good choice to bring to Cancer, who may be feeling a bit stressed and need to blow off some steam, especially because they will rarely start the engines without incentives it also gives the Cancer partner the touch to try new moves and touch you the way you never felt before.

Cancer- When it comes to sex toys, sensual anal beads are the best way to explore your wild side while still staying grounded and if it is something new for both then it will be a bonding experience and to build trust. Use them along with some incredible head to really hit all of the buttons.

Resume: Element - Water, Strengths - Emotional and Protective, Weaknesses: Insecure & Frustrating, Recommended zodiac sex toy - Couples cock ring, massage Oils and Sensual Anal Beads.

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