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Pune is a hub of IT industry and is known for its great universities, this makes it a city with the highest young population. Due to young students and working class majority Pune has amazing nightlife. However, being young also brings us to focus on their mental, physical and sexual health. At a young age we are going through several hormonal changes and we are still trying to discover our sexual personality. But with busy work and social life it might get difficult for us to discover our sexual interests. Therefore, we are going to discuss some blissful sex products that would help you have a sensual sex life.

For our IT people we have some technological intimate toys


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Gujarat is popular for its cultural festivals and mainly for its Dandiya raas which is the most sensual energy in the open. Their sensuality reflects in their culture after all “Gujarat sexy chhe”. Gujarat is also known for their business minded people where the community is always busy in making money. In this busy lifestyle these people forget about their intimate life. Their sex life has been majorly impacted in the fast pace of life. Sex can also have an impact on your mood and stress levels therefore, if your timings are not matching with the routine of your partner then you should masturbate to keep your mood light and reduce stress levels.

Sex toys are very helpful for people living in Gujarat, we would recommend some amazing sex toys to help our Gujaratis.


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In this fast and busy life Mumbai is known to be the Maayanagri that fulfills dreams and ambitions of people. This fast and ambitious life offered by Mumbai affects the sex life of people living in Mumbai. Everyone is working and focused on doing jobs or business. Living there is so expensive that even the ones with little bit of time don’t want to spend too much on dating.

There are also couples who are living together and still don’t have time for each other. Therefore, the culture of sex toys is popular in Mumbai. There are several online sex toy shops available in the market and a lot of sex toy online India platforms. However, as discussed in my other article it is important to buy products from authorized sellers for safety and quality reaso

Navigating Long Distance Relationships With The Help of Toys

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Most of the couples in the world might face distance between their relationship once in a lifetime. There were times when people used to write letters to express their feelings , the feelings were not only the fact that they are missing their partner but they also used it to express their sexual desires for one another. However, technology advancement helped us in staying closer to loved ones by collecting us through phone, facetious, messages. Moreover, couples used these technologies to have sms sex, phone sex, FaceTime sex etc. Furthermore, there was the invention of technology based sex toys. They have become so advanced that couples could operate sex toys from their phones while sitting miles away. It might lack the physical intimacy but it still has your partner's touch and way. While these toys are designed for long distance couples it is not restrictive to their use, even couples living in the same place can use these toys to make things more fun controlled by their partner. These types of intimate toys are now available at sex toys online India on our website.


Caring for Your Sexual Health: Using Sex Toys Responsibly

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Hygiene maintenance is an important part in maintaining a healthy life. The harmful microorganisms are available in our atmosphere and they can find any dirty source to enter our body. Therefore it is important for us to maintain a clean environment around us along with maintaining hygiene for our body. While using intimate items like towels, lingerie, sex toys etc, it is extremely important to maintain hygiene as these items are directly in contact with the opening of our body.

Sex toys are the products that come directly in contact with our body and the outside world that has harmful microorganisms and pathogens. Moreover, it's not only about cleaning our products, it is also important to make sure what material is used in the making of the products that would remain closer to your body.