The Secret Lives of Indian Seniors Revealed

A study of data from 20,000 users of leading sexual wellness website Adult Products India has shed new light on the sex lives of senior citizens in India. Whilst sex toys remain most popular with people aged under 30, more and more Indians over the age of 65 are taking an interest in them too.

An increasing number of both men and women aged 65 and over are taking to the internet to research and buy sex toys online. The most-researched sex toy for Indian people aged 65+ was sex dolls - with 32% more interest than the average user. Male sex toys rounded off the top three, with masturbators and condom sleeves also both enjoying above-average popularity with men aged 65+ in India.

What does this tell us? Indian men over a certain age aren’t as interested in a wide range of products - they don’t spend time checking out the wide range of products available. They know what they want in their sex lives, and are determined to get it!

Indian women aged 65+ also showed a surprising level of interest in sex toys. In India, among the top five most popular products in this age category were two kinds of dildo; strap-ons and ‘realistic’ dildos.

Psychologists have suggested that one of the reasons we might feel squeamish about senior sex is that it’s not about reproduction. Senior sexuality is only to do with love and eroticism. It’s about time we understood that Nana has needs too, and people over 65 have also experienced a modern sexual liberation.

Michiel from Adultproductsindia.com said: "It's great to see so many older people in India interested in our products - it looks like the tide is finally turning for acceptance of sex toys in India."

The study also revealed the Indian states where the most people aged 65+ were interested in sex toys. The western states of Maharashtra and Karnataka topped the list, taking first and second place respectively. Unsurprisingly, liberal Delhi also appeared high on the list, taking third place. The full top ten can be seen in this handy infographic.

Senior sexuality is something that doesn’t get spoken about frequently - when it does, it’s often the punchline of a joke. If nothing else, this eye-opening study proves sex is still important to seniors all across India.