Let’s Talk About Sex Toys In Mumbai

People from all over the world look to Mumbai as a leader in sex toys and sexuality. We’ve compiled a list of the most searched for sex toys in Mumbai.

Sex is meant to be fun, and no one seems to know this better than Mumbai. People the world over cuddle up to their personal computers to find, and buy, the hottest sex toys that Mumbai has to offer, and they are definitely not disappointed. So what does this industry leader really offer us? We’ve made a list of the most searched for sex toys in Mumbai to tell us. It´s Nº1 City in Sex Toys Purchases.

1. Have a doll!

Sex dolls aren’t just for bachelor parties anymore. With life like features, and even specific dimensions and positions, they’ve come quite a long way from their inflatable gag gift past. Some models even come with fun customizable additions like naughty tattoos are taboo piercings. 

There’s no debate

Whether you’re a master debater, or just a novice, I think we can all agree that masturbators are a fantastic product for both women and men. The men’s masturbators come in a variety of expertly shaped and lovingly detailed vaginas, voluptuous tits, and smooth asses. All plumped and primed for your pleasure.

2. Light the way to freedom

Fleshlights are the portable pussy that’s on every man’s must have list. They are conveniently concealed as a flashlight, beer can or other innocuous item. Carefully tucked inside is a perfect visual replica of the sweetest pussy imaginable. Cleverly crafted out of uber soft silicon, the inside of the fleshlight has a multitude of different shapes that cradle, rub, and wrap around your member in all the right ways.

3. Good vibes

Few things are as dependable as a vibrator for women. Think the boys have it made in the shade with the fleshlight? Don’t think for a second that you’re left out of the discreet and portable crowd. Wireless eggs, remote control panties, even clitoral vibrators that look like a tube of lipstick. All available for you to get your groove on while on the go. Not worried about being discreet? Sex toys in Mumbai are definitely not shy about putting vibrators into big veiny cocks, either.

4. Ain’t nothing like the real thing

Just because your vibrator is chic, discreet, and hard to beat, doesn’t mean that you don’t lust after something a little more…. anatomically correct, sometimes. Realistic dildos come with all of the ridges and ruffles that come naturally to any rock hard cock. The only difference is that these ones won’t ask for a sandwich when they’re done blowing your mind. 

 5. What’s up your sleeve?

Or should we say, in it. Condom sleeves are one of the newest, and most spectacular innovations to come from any of the sex toys in Mumbai. Condom sleeves are essentially a thin layer of silicon that is molded to fit the natural shape of the penis. The silicon is then imbued with different shapes meant to tickle your partners fancy, either anally or vaginally.