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Artificial Hymen

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Artificial Hymen


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Get your virginity back now! Regardless of the reason you would like to have your virginity back, it can be done! At least, a perfect simulation that is. The Artificial Hymen is a brilliant innovation that can help you do exactly that, “reboot” your virginity. The product can be used if you wish to keep your past love life a secret from your future husband or if you are tired of your monotonous sexual routines and wish to add a bit of adventure to your sex life.

One of the best features of this product is that it is easy to use and the instructions are quite simple to understand. The most important thing to remember is to wash your hands thoroughly before making any contact with the package. Gently place the little pouch inside your vagina with the use of your index finger and the product will start liquefying in a matter of minutes. It should be inserted into the vagina around 15-20 minutes before intercourse for the best results. It is created with completely body safe products and is also designed to spill a little blood (all natural red dye liquid) for the complete dramatic experience. At first, the product will expand a little and make you feel tighter by the minute. It also creates a thin skin like membrane that acts as the fake hymen during intercourse.

The Artificial Hymen is an amazing sex toy that can help you spice up your sex life. Upon breaking, it will discharge fake blood, created using red dye liquid, for the ultimate real-life effect.

Customer Reviews
Life-saving Uses
It’s hard to be delicate about this product, but I shall try. The Artificial Virginity Hymen is something that could have life-saving uses in parts of the world where women’s sexuality is oppressed. The diaphragm is designed to break and discharge fluid during intercourse, and while it could actually be used to avoid life-long stigmatization in cultures which demand virginity before marriage, it is more likely to be used as a toy or even as a value-added extra for sex professionals. There is one thing we can learn from this. If you ever find yourself thinking I wonder if they make …? then the answer is almost certainly a big yes.
It spiced up my marriage life
About hymen repair kit
As my vagina is tight, if I insert hymen pill it can be loose.. What is the size of pill.. And after inserting pill can we go for urine.
good item
This is really a good product. It made my day.
good product
Hay i am 19year old girl on day i am lost My virginity.so i am very upsets onday i am saw this amazing products and now i am use this product and enjoy ours life with virginity
thank you so much
this artificial hymen really helped me on my wedding night, thank you
Best product I have used till date
This product really helped me feel virgin again, I am completely satisfied with the product use
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Product Questions
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Why do I see two sacthes in this box
How years warranty if I keep it now

What if product is to be inserted 5 yo 10 min before intetcourse? I mean can we take less time than 20 or 30 minutes?
How to use it nd does it really works as am I virgin again and how many pills are there in the packet
How to use it nd does it really works as am I virgin again and how many pills are there in the packet
My questions is how much time stay in our vagina that s product
how many days will take for supply this product
may be inter course will do after 1hr it will be work or not
Does this pill makes vagina tight or just blood comes out during intercourse? Does it make vagina tight??
how many pills are there in this pack?
which is better this or hymen pill??
Any side effects ,?????
If i insert this pill nd if nothing happend between us so what will happen does this pill dissolve automatically nd reliese blood or what happen?
Can we take less time than 50_60min???
Do to get 2 pouch for 1983 or 1? In pics above it is showing two
Black packet it to be placed in vagina?? or we have to tire it then place the inside packet??
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