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How to use Glass Dildos

Glass dildos: a thing of beauty and of joy forever


The use of penetrative sex toys can be traced back to pre-history. Phallic toys have been recovered from many ancient sites. So it would not be wrong to assume that the use of dildos is as old as human civilization itself. Initially penetrative adult products like dildos were made only of conventional materials like metal or wood but lately experimentation in the bedroom is the new trend and glass dildos have gained popularity in India and abroad.


The clear material makes them functional and extremely beautiful, so it's not surprising that making the best of their visual appeal these are the only sensual sex toys that can be put on display beside your bed. These glass dildos are glistening beauties that can prove to be the most versatile addition to your secret pleasure arsenal by being just perfect for a slow and erotic insertion into the pleasure orifices of your body. Beautifully designed and pleasing to the eye, these pleasure rods are the best ornamental adult toys.


How to use glass dildos


Getting maximum pleasure from your dildo depends on how well you use it to get your juices flowing and your pulse racing. Begin with subtle external stimulation by rolling it over the body specifically in erogenous zones that are sensitive to touch. The smooth glass can create waves of sensations on the shoulders and the back whereas the slightly textured glass dildos can be rubbed over the clitoris or the shaft of the penis for raising the temperature during foreplay.


Lubricate your dildo to make the sliding motion smooth and racy. The most amazing thing about glass is that any lubricant can be used with this material anywhere. For some fun in the shower, you can use a silicone lubricant and in the bed or on the couch you can use an all-purpose lubricant to reach new heights of ecstasy.


After your pleasure enhancer is gently inserted in an orifice try gently twisting it inside. The ribbed and bumped versions would feel fantastic against the insides of the vagina and produce stimulation that will get you going all the way to a thundering orgasm. Ladies can rock the glass dildo back and forth gently instead of just thrusting it, and it will reach sweet spots never known before and give a firm stimulation climaxing in a mind blowing G-spot orgasm.


Blow it hot, blow it cool


Glass is a great choice for your sex toys because it is firm and hard inside and also fun for some temperature play. A dildo made of glass can keep you satisfied all year round. It can be used cold in the summers and hot in winters. Dildos made of other materials can only give you restricted temperature variation and only with cooling or warming lubes. But glass versions can be heated up or cooled down totally according to your mood and demand. This blow hot, blow cool makes a dildo intensify orgasms to a new level and give your innards a unique penetrative sensation.


You could heat it up by submerging it carefully in hot water just before you want to indulge yourself or you can cool it in a fridge or freezer to infuse an ice like erotic sensation later. Heated, chilled or at normal temperature, these dildos are crafted to give you a unique and gushing penetration experience. These are sex toys you would love to show off at a bachelor’s party or a girls’ sleepover.


Glass dildos vs. other dildos


A glass edition of a dildo can open up new sexual experiences you cannot even imagine with standard plastic or rubber sex toys. Dildos made of glass are not as flexible as rubber dildos that are soft and pliable but they make up for it with their other great uses. Smooth glass allows for smooth penetration giving ultimate pleasure and it will never ever appear soggy and sloppy. Even the curved glass ones are smoother than most rubber or plastic dildos. With some lubricant on the shiny smooth surface it can often be even more pleasurable than a real penis.


Good quality glass dildos are crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass known as Pyrex, which is sturdy and safe and so durable that it is used in glass cookware and bake ware too. This super durable glass makes beautiful adult products that are absolutely safe to use internally, and can be made to look exotic by infusing them with beautiful colouring, unconventional shaping and erotic decoration.


Glass is non-porous and it does not absorb any fluids easily. This is a huge bonus in a dildo making it easy to clean, more hygienic than any other absorbent materials. Rubber and plastic dildos may have phthalates that can pose health risks for which a glass one is absolutely immune to.


Dildos made of glass can also apply firmer pressure than a silicone dildo can to a G-spot or to male's prostate glands, and what’s more, they can make a great gift for your partner with personalized inscriptions. If you are sensitive or allergic to rubber, latex, or certain types of plastics a glass dildo must be your safest choice for a discreet adult toy. Glass sex toys are generally hypo-allergenic, do not discolour by regular use and have no nasty chemical smells that can put you out of mood completely.


Have safe sex with glass dildos


If you look after your glass dildo well it will assist you in getting pleasure for a very long time. Unless accidentally chipped, the surface of a glass dildo is fully safe for vaginal, anal and/or oral sex. All of them are designed to absorb the shock and power of hard shafting or strong clenching.  However, they must be checked for cracks or chips each time the toy is used. 


When sharing dildos with a partner, multiple partners or friends the non-porous glass are the safest in keeping bacteria and viruses out. The best choice for both men and women in India who want an exhilarating dildo experience different from standard sex toys is using glass dildos. The endless variety of shapes and sizes of these dildos can make you squirm and shake in delight.

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