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LGBT+ Sex Toys and Games

Who knew that you could have fun without buying a sex toy? Well, we did of course! While many of these things make excellent gifts or steam up that special night at home, they also pair perfectly with a variety of our toys and lingerie. 


Because of continued innovations and integration in the sex toy market, companies have come up with fun new ways to express yourself and play with friends. From games to gifts, these sex toy sidekicks are not to be missed if you’re looking to spice up your sex life. Here at  Adult Products India, we’re constantly on the search to find you the best, newest, and most exciting ways to feel fun and flirty. 


These games and gifts are designed to get your creative juices flowing. Some are primed to bring out your primal sensuality, while others will surely have everyone in the room doubled over in laughter. Regardless of their destiny, these bundles of  Extra Fun are sure to be memorable. 


Unleash the Beast and Explore Your Wild Side with Extra Fun

While many of these games and extras may not be for the faint of heart, they were designed to bring everyone in on the fun. Erotic games are great for couples and there are even a few built for large parties, like stag and hen-dos. These games are a great way to become more comfortable with your naughty nature, breaking the ice gently with laughs and tasks. Extra Fun toys are built to suit all kinds of situations and preferences, so take a minute and see what we have to offer, or read our quick explanation down below. 


Erotic Games for Extra Fun

Erotic games are great for parties or personal ventures, choose your level of involvement and partners for raunchy fun or a sensual night made for two. Erotic games help to pull you out of your shell and are a great way to unobtrusively heat up a bedroom that may be down to a simmer. 


Card Games 

Card games have been the chosen pass time of people around the world for eons. Our card games have just capitalized on this age-old tradition, using a format that is comfortable for just about anyone. Our card games vary from 2 player setups that are designed to get you out of your funk or give you new creative ideas on how to put a spin on your most favorite moves. Others are designed with entire groups in mind, who are ready to delve into some open-minded naughtiness with their closest crew.


The Bedroom Commands Card game is a seductively scintillating game only for adult couples. The cards are divided up into two decks of dirty commands. One for him, and one for her. What will the cards tell you to do? The fun is in the mystery as the cards can offer fun and flirty advice or unique questions and suggestions that will help you learn more about your partner and what turns them on. 


The Fail Party Game is a best seller for larger parties, designed for multiple players, this game will add that magical bit of extra fun to any get together you have. Keeping you up and laughing all night long. The wild game of horrible comparisons where the worst answer always wins. 


Ladies Night Bar Cards
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Regular Price: ₹1,880

Special Price ₹1,679


Board Games 

Board games like Monopoly, Backgammon and chess have been popular with almost every household in India for ages, now we want to shake that up a bit by introducing our wildest types of board games! While not always erotic games, our board game selection is sure to be a hit with your friends, families, or partners for years to come. 


Dirty Minds- The Game for Naught Clues is a great place to start when your group may not yet be ready to tackle the erotic game circuit. While it sounds raunchy, in Dirty Minds it’s the cleanest answer that wins! This game is the perfect way to subtly expose who out of your group has the naughtiest notions, because the dirtier your mind is, the harder this game will be. Great for two or more players, it’s a perfect choice for a night in with that special someone, or a dinner party with all of your closest friends. 


Tipping the scales back to the erotic games, Kheper Games- Erotic Adventure is a unique game that ties daring with sensuality giving even the shyest of us the chance to harness the power of seduction. Designed for two or more players, Erotic Adventure is a game that is perfect for couples or a group of wildly adventurous friends. 


The Wheel Of Love - Sex Game
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Regular Price: ₹2,068

Special Price ₹1,866


Dice Games 

Dice games are perfect for a night out with the groom/bride to be or staying at home with your partner. These erotic games can be taken with a grain of salt and shot of tequila, or as some serious suggestion on what to do next. 


The Let’s Fool Around! Dice game is the best game for couples that are looking to improve their foreplay experience. While more than two players are allowed, this is a next-level erotic game that has some very sexy suggestions, so be warned! It gets hot quick! One die depicts the action that the person rolling is to perform, while the other die tells you which body part to perform on! This game comes with one action die and four body part dice, so you can easily add your friends!


Bride to Be Party Dice Game is a fun and funny way to get suggestions for a wild and unforgettable evening! While this erotic game was built with the bridal party in mind, it’s perfect for a crazy girls night out. These dirty dares are sure to have you doubled over in laughter creating memories that will never be forgotten. 


Bridal Play Dice Game
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹2,239

Special Price ₹1,034

Bride to be Party Dice Game
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Regular Price: ₹2,820

Special Price ₹1,128

Sex Dice - Sex Game
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Regular Price: ₹1,316

Special Price ₹1,097


Wedding Gifts for Extra Fun

Aren’t you tired of giving out toasters and silverware?  Wedding gifts have become so dull, that even your cool aunt winds up getting you a margarita mixer (gasp). Shake things up a lot by going completely off book and getting the lucky couple something that can be used on their honeymoon and for many nights to follow. Make that blushing bride blush just a little harder by throwing in something extra fun and wild, like an erotic game or personal vibrator. 


The sky’s the limit, and Adult Products India has the perfect gift for any couple. Whether you’re looking to let your sense of humor do the talking, or want to give them a gift that will genuinely keep that marital bed warm for years to come. 


Edible Underthings 

Edible underthings are a fun way to spice up your sex life and get your partner involved. Thongs, bikinis, and even body paints- these edible accessories are sure to make your partner hungry for more. 


Bachelor and Bachelorette Themed Sets

Wanting to have the best bachelor/bachelorette party ever? Look no further. Because we have stocked up sky-high on all the games, accessories, decorations, and gags that you could ever want. Adding just that bit of extra fun to an already outrageous night. Drinking games, blowup sex dolls, penis-shaped decorations, and even feathers and floggers, check out our erotic games and wedding gift sections to discover even more ways to send your friend down the aisle in style. 

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