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How To Choose The Best Dildo In India

If you don’t know this yet, there are a lot of different kinds of dildos. When shopping for one in India, you must take into consideration your personal preferences. Different factors such as its texture, size, shape, style, and color would all depend on you. Because everyone has different preferences and different adult product stores offer many different kinds. If this is your first time shopping for one, take into consideration the following guidelines so that you can get the right toy for yourself:


What Should It Be Made Of?

Dildos are made of many different materials, such as plastic, silicone, rubber, wood, stainless steel, or even glass. Each of these materials have their own strengths and weaknesses, and even offer their own unique sensations. It is important to choose the material wisely because this will give you the best sensations for all of your erogenous zones.


Dildos made of rubber or plastic are usually the most affordable ones. However, these are rather porous, so it would be best to use a condom if you are sharing these with a partner. Many people prefer rubber, because it feels very soft and lifelike. However, there are also some who prefer non-porous materials such as silicone or stainless steel because these last longer and are easier to care for than porous ones. Dildos made from silicone are actually the most popular types because of their flexibility and durability.


To clean these, simply sterilize in boiling water for just a few minutes or wash them in the dishwasher. If you’re looking for a firm sensation, however, then you should get a glass dildo (which come in some incredibly pretty designs) or stainless steel. These are also the best to have if you like experimenting with temperature play. You can just put these in the freezer or under warm water and they’re ready to go!


Some dildos can also be used in harnesses. If you want these kinds, make sure that they have a wide base so that they won’t slip through the harness ring. In fact, if you want to use a harness, then we recommend you should choose one with balls.


Should It Be Realistic Or Not?

Some people want these dildos to look and feel real while others prefer it to have a different design. Those who want to try realistic dildos could consider the 20 cm Jelly Dong, which is soft but firm, while the Handsome Dick for example, is the choice for those who prefer to use one with balls.


Those who aren’t really looking for the realistic type might enjoy the smooth Baby Glass Eggplant or the lesbian-designed Double Dong. The Rainbow Stick, and Blue Lover micro massage ball are also popular choices for modern-day Indian women.


How About The Size?

The size of the dildo is also one of the major factors that you have to consider when buying this great adult product. You can always try different ones that come in different sizes but if you want your first try to be right, just think of what sizes you’ve had inside you before. You can also try using your fingers or other phallic things like fruits or vegetables.


If you’re using dildos for the first time, or you just want them small, you can try the 7 Inch Jelly Dong or the 20 cm Slim Jelly Dong. These are perfect especially if you want to try anal intercourse. On the other hand, the Porcelain Pleasure Dong or the 18 cm Realistic 18 cm Realistic Elastic Dildo are the way to go if you want an average-sized one. Finally, those who prefer a big one could browse through our category of Big Dildos.


What If I Want To Strap It On?

Not all types can be used for harnesses. However, a lot of dildos with wide bases or balls normally work well with a harness. If you want to try one on a harness, it is best to pick a lengthy one so that it won’t easily slip out. We recommend getting one with a ridged head, such as the Strap Black Cock, so that the wearer can sense the depth and avoid slippage. When using a “strap-on” dildo with a partner, a good rule of thumb is for the receiver to pick the size and the wearer to pick the look. To compare a variety of strap-ons, browse our category of Strap-on Dildos.


How About Vibration?

Vibration can also be added to dildos that aren’t equipped with it if users strap it on. When doing this, however, ask yourselves who wants to receive the vibration and where you want to receive it. Wearers who want to receive vibrations externally should try the Remote Strap On Vibrator, which can be worn under the harness. In fact, there are some harnesses, that have secret pockets so that vibrators can be placed on the dildo’s base. Vibrating cock rings are normally used with non-vibrating dongs but they can also be used with a vibrating one to make the experience better.



Users who want to stimulate their G-spots or P-spots should look at types with upward curving shafts. These toys include the Noded Rear Boring, the Romantic Paradise, and the G–Spot Dolphin for example.


Dongs For Two

Some people would prefer to experience receiving together. Double dongs are perfect for these people who like gender play and want to feel more connected to their partners. Such types include the Double Dong, which can all be used with or without harness.


Soft Pack – Soft packs are usually the standard choice. If you want a long-lasting 100% high-quality silicone toy.


Firm – Those who want a feeling of fullness could try ones made from glass,, while those who love to stimulate their G-spots and P-spots could consider stainless steel.


Small – If you’re the type who doesn’t  prefer a large size, then you can have your pick of short and narrow, average-length and narrow, and short but girthy.


G-Spot – Those looking for G-spot stimulation should try types with curved tips.


Anal – Anal play beginners should try smaller ones or those which are slim but provide a vibrating option.


No matter what you choose, we have a range of products that are sure to match your personal pleasure taste. Grab your cart and start shopping your way to a mind blowing orgasm! And don’t forget that using these toys will always be more comfortable with some matching lubes & lotions. Also remember to clean them properly with the right sex soy cleaners when required.


This quick guide was written for your convenience and we at AdultProductsIndia.com wish you happy play times once decided on your favourite dildo in India!

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