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Dildos: The Best Sex Toy For All Indians

Choosing a sex toy in India is only hard when it comes down to the overwhelming amount of choice you’re faced with. Dildos aren’t just for the girls but can serve to spice up any intimate moments you and your partner might come across. Understanding what they are is easy. They are made for penetrative fun and can be used alongside many other sex toys, or even solo.


There are a ton of different ones to choose from. Different styles, textures, colors, shapes and sizes mean that you can tailor your sexual experience to a dildo that represents you best. Get a variety of them so that your collection is set to satisfy, every time.


Alongside dildos, you should always be considering picking up some special sex toy cleaning solution, and a dildo friendly lube. Usually, water or silicone-based lubes are the ideal choices for your sex toys. If you’re not sure which is the best bet, stay safe and choose a water-based.


Dildo Materials

They can be made from all sorts of materials. The most popular are definitely silicone, but they can also be made of plastic, rubber, wood, stainless steel, or even glass. With each dildo material, there are definitely rules that you should be mindful of following to keep your dildo in tip-top shape.


Dildos made of porous materials, like wood, rubber, and plastic, while affordable are also more likely to absorb fluids and can be harder to clean. Which means that if you plan on sharing, you should definitely use condoms over the toys to help prevent contamination.


Which is another reason that silicone ones are so incredibly popular. Soft, flexible, and lifelike- these sex toys are also super easy to clean. Many of these can even be thrown in the dishwasher for some quick sterilization.


Glass dildos are gaining in popularity, and not just because of their gorgeous looks and easy to care for nature. These ones made out of glass can be placed in a freezer for an extra boost to that sexy juice!


Dildo Sizes

They can be huge. They can be tiny. They can be in between. Dildos are designed with your comfort in mind. If it’s your first time using one for yourself, consider starting out with something a bit smaller, you can always work your way up to something a bit larger should you feel you could take it.


Having a variety of dildo sizes is great as different partners may have different preferences for what feels best to them. And, your personal preferences may change over time.


Dildo Uses

They can be used for all sorts of fun sex play. Sex toys are all about versatility. They can be used for anal play, vaginal play, oral and even foreplay. For both men and women alike, dildos offer people the ability to go in whatever direction their imagination takes them.


Remember that just like any other sex toy, they require consent and communication. Anytime you plan on bringing sex toys into the bedroom (or bathroom, or kitchen… or anywhere really), always make sure that you discuss their use with your partner before trying them on.


Different Types of Dildos For Every Need

Depending on what you’re into, what really gets you going, you may want to consider the individual features of each dildo. More than just the materials that make them and they always say that size doesn’t matter. So when you’re buying a dildo- what does matter?


Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos can be utterly thrilling. With dedicated attention to detail, they are perfectly crafted to mimic the male member exactly, from veins and contours. To large glans with no foreskin, they can give you the opportunity to experience something exciting and new, without actually having to sleep with someone.

Baile Inflatable Realistic Cock
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,564

Special Price ₹3,803

Rotation Master Vibrating Dildo
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹5,520

Special Price ₹3,209

Big Dildo Purple
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹5,612

Special Price ₹5,027


Dildos with Curves

Curved dildos are most often seen in the realistic category, getting that oh so sexy angle, perfectly arced to put just the right amount of pressure on your most sensitive areas. Curved ones work great for both g-spot and prostate stimulation. Check out a rabbit, built with curves, beads, and even oscillating heads to see just how far a curve can take you.


Dildos Made for Two

Double-ended dildos are ideal for those couples who love to play together. Gender bend and really start to explore your boundaries and your passions. Some of these so-called double dongs can also be used with harnesses and create a neat and new strapons experience.


Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos are fantastic. A true two in one, these multitasking marvels can be used purely for clitoral stimulation, or for prostate. Not to mention all the anal and vaginal possibilities. Vibrating ones can easily be found in bright and playful colors, or can even be integrated into realistic dildos for the ultimate treat.


Strap on Dildos

Strapon dildos are spectacular for all types of relationships. Each gender can really enjoy many benefits from using these. While not all of them can be used with a harness, many of the realistic dildos or ones with wide bases can usually be integrated as a strapon. What to increase intimacy and confidence? Choose a strap on dildo together, where the receiver chooses the size and shape, and the wearer chooses the style.

Realistic solid strapon dildo with vibration & balls
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,066

Special Price ₹3,209

Hollow Strap on Dildo With Vibrator (21 cm)
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,012

Special Price ₹3,744

Hollow Strap on Dildo With Vibrator (17 cm)
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹5,239

Special Price ₹3,496

Hollow Strap On Dildo With Masturbator
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,196

Special Price ₹3,317


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