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Remote Vibrators

Remote Vibrators

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10 Speeds Remote Control
Remote Control Vibrator
10 Speeds Remote Control - Black
Remote Strap-On Vibrator
Double Remote Bullets
7 Frequency pleasure anchor-White
7 Speeds Remote Ben Wa Ball
Pleasure anchor-White
Meng Sha APP Ben Wa Balls
Meng Li APP Ben Wa Balls
Butterfly shock wear pants-Purple
My heart fly-Purple
Butterfly shock wear pants-Rose
My heart fly-Pink
10 Function Remote Control Butterfly
Top Cat - Remote Control Rabbit Vibe
7 Of The Female Breast Tease Frequency Wireless Mute Vibrators-DIANA
7 Of The Female Breast Tease Frequency Wireless Mute Vibrators-Doris
12 Speeds Remote Vibrator Pink

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Do you want to control the game? With a Remote Vibrator, you can!


If love is a game, we say it’s time to play! The Remote Vibrator is the perfect and classy gadget for couples to add tons of fun, excitement and spice to their sex life. It is a sensual toy designed to stimulate the clitoris or g-spot - perfect for foreplay.


This type of vibrator is discrete, small and virtually silent, intended for external or internal stimulation. It comes with a potent and quiet motor, controlled with a remote control that can have a range of 10-12mt to be used at home or when you're out and about. As vibrations are practically inaudible, this toy demands to be worn out in public!


The remote control provides a huge range of speeds and vibration patterns for you to enjoy. But the excitement will not only be for you; once your partner gets the control, a long teasing foreplay will arouse you both – let´s see who can keep it cool and the control of the game!


But this erotic device is not only for couples to play with, it is also fit for solo use. If you find travelling alone a bore, or you are just having a “me time” out in the city, take your Remote Vibrator with you. The small controller can easily be slipped in a handbag or briefcase, and no one will know what is it for; is the perfect supplement to a saucy erotic book along with sexy music to set up the mood.


Not only with remote controllers but also with apps!

The Remote Vibrator has evolved a lot throughout the years. Nowadays, you can find editions that can be controlled through apps in addition to the remotes. These can be used solo, since you can set up the mood, the fantasy and even the music through the app. Or even better, thanks to the long-distance capabilities, they are the perfect aid for long distance relationships or while your partner is out on a trip. No matter where you are and where your lover is, the remotes and the apps will allow you to play, even when you are miles apart, and enjoy all of the delight that this toy provides.


Most are compatible with devices featuring Bluetooth – so any smartphone will do, as long as the App is available in the App Store or Google Play. Once you and your partner are connected, your partner can control your Remote Vibrator from anywhere — at any time.


Time to play with your remote vibrator

We said it: this sex toy is so discrete, yet potent, that is the perfect sexy accessory to be worn in public! This toy is for and for your partner, is for erotic teasing and playing, and is for the best foreplay during your dates!


Once in place, the remote can be switched on and can change the speeds and function of vibration with a single click. Newer versions can vibrate according to the music of the club, concerts or to your lover’s voice; they have a microphone built into the controller – a plus to the extra exhilaration of not knowing what is coming next…and when.


If you are planning to go out on a spicy date, a Remote Vibrator is all you need – either vibrating panties, egg shaped or bullet shaped vibrators. Just make sure it’s quiet enough that people around you won’t hear it. You’ll also need a complaisant and spontaneous partner in crime so that once you give him the control of the game, he will know what you are up to.


On your rendezvous, keep the party between just the two of you – and no one else. A night out to a romantic restaurant, or sexy dancing night is fair game, but get-togethers with friends or family are probably off-limits. The perfect places for erotic adventures are those where you and your partner are among other people without the necessity to interact with them. This will be the spice you were looking for.


Among sexy lingerie and other secrets…

A Remote Vibrator will be that sexy secret you and your partner will keep while being accomplices in you erotic games while you are out. The most frequent types are those that can be worn or are integrated into sexy lingerie, as well as small bullets or egg shaped vibrators for vaginal stimulation.


We know your partner loves your sexy lingerie. But we invite you to let your partner know how sexy and particular this panties are…then hang him over the remote control to drive him crazy! Vibrating panties or thongs are mostly made out of soft and delicate materials like lace and silk, making them extremely comfortable and cute to the eye. The vibrator is discretely tucked inside the garment so no one will tell when you are wearing these under your clothes. Use these when you are out on a date or to fire up your bedroom playtime. They are intended to provide stimulation to the clitoris and outer labia. When the remote is off, you may even forget about them; but when they are on…we hope you keep your poker face!


If you prefer internal or simultaneous internal and external stimulation, there are other sexy secrets you can wear on your erotic adventures. Internal stimulators consist of egg shaped or bullet shaped models or vibrating beads. These are designed for G-spot stimulation, and newer models simultaneously offer clitoral stimulation, making them the most seductive Remote Vibrator ever. And don´t be fooled by the size, because you will never believe that something so discrete and petite could make you feel like you’re in heaven.


Like with the clitoral remote editions, we invite you to give the remote control to your partner, and see what happens. Erotic teasing and naughty foreplay are guarantees for a successful date and great sex. People around you may wonder why you’re smiling so much!


Take a close look at our catalogue, we are certain that you and your partner will find a wide variety of models, sizes and types that will make your mind go wild. The Remote Vibrator is that special accessory to make your love games even more passionate and erotic. Make up your own rules, and have fun!