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Top 5 Online Sex Toy Stores in India: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison

  • Top 5 Online Sex Toy Stores in India: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison
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The modern sex toys from adultproductsindia.com are helping people fulfil their desires in the safest and healthiest methods. We have seen the western world reaching sexual maturity, but have been sitting aside from the arena. We actually forgot that we have been the pioneer of sexual expression and education. It is the primary objective of adultproductsindia.com to shatter the taboos surrounding discussions about sex, the unattractive concealment of pleasure products in plain brown packaging, and the judgmental glances received while purchasing condoms from pharmacists.

The best part: The mood collection sets the desired ambience, allowing you to relax, unwind, or intensify the heat. The play offers pulse massagers and glide jellies, perfect for exploring and enhancing pleasure.

The must-try: adultproductsindia.com strives to make intimacy accessible, enjoyable, and uncomplicated for the modern Indian individual. The product and brand range is thoughtfully designed to fulfill the necessity of every one that is interested. adultproductsindia.com encompasses a combination of various products, ensuring both you and your partner have an exceptional experience.

Guptt. in

Guptt. in is a website that lives up to its intriguing name!

The best part: This is the perfect destination for those moments when you truly desire to indulge and pamper yourself.

The must-try: It offers a captivating collection of luxury sex toys, with vibrators starting at approximately Rs 11,000.


Manzuri, an exceptional sexual wellness portal, wholeheartedly embraces sex with remarkable focus and sensitivity, setting it apart from typical pleasure toys and wellness brands.

The best part- What sets Manzuri apart is its unabashed approach to discussing and presenting sexual products. The website takes a confident stance on sexuality, creating an environment that is easy to navigate and comfortable to explore amidst the abundance of choices.

The must-try- Within their couples section, you'll discover an extensive array of items, ranging from bondage gear to anal plugs and strap-ons. They offer a diverse selection of vibrators, fleshlights, dildos, strap-ons, and prostate massagers. Notably, there is even a dedicated section catering to the needs of the queer community, featuring specialised products that promote inclusivity.

That Sassy Thing

Focusing primarily on sexual wellness rather than sheer pleasure, That Sassy Thing is a homegrown brand offering diverse products that address comfort and hygiene.

The best part- While you might want to explore other options if you're seeking toys, That Sassy Thing is the perfect solution for those needing self-care and well-being.

The must-try- Their selection includes pocket-sized full-body massagers, personal gels, body washes, specialised underwear detergent, and intimate gels for foreplay.

Love treats

Based in Bangalore, this brand prioritises pleasure, yet it also offers a selection of wellness products on its platform.

The best part- On this website, you can explore items such as lubricants, kegel exercisers, massage tools, fleshlights, and provocative lingerie. However, the true stars of their collection are the vibrators, which have gained immense popularity.

The must-try- They offer a wide range of options, including mini vibrators, bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, bath-friendly vibrators, anal stimulators, finger vibrators, and clitoral stimulators.

Whatever your desires, this brand has it, with some items even designed in discreet shapes resembling everyday objects like lipsticks.


During the economic shutdown, numerous businesses experienced significant hardships. However, the sex toys industry emerged as an unexpected beneficiary during enforced isolation. Its demand has increased in a country like India, and people love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sex toys should be purchased online?

You can purchase cock rings, dildos, penis erection spray, vibrators, penis enlargement pumps, handcuffs, condoms, and blindfolds.

Can online buying for sex toys be trusted?

You shouldn't have any trouble getting sex toys from a trustworthy company. However, a thorough study is recommended.

Why do people in India prefer buying sex toys online?

To fulfil their desires and needs, many Indians purchase sex toys online, as it is often challenging to find such products readily available in offline markets.

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