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Bangalore despite being a busy working city is very much popular for its sex life. Some people say it should actually be called BANG-alore due to the popular sexual life. This is one of the best qualities of Bangalore that the people are able to take out time and maintain their sexual life. When we talk about sex, sex toys are an important part of our sexual act and people of Bangalore love to include intimate toys in their sex life whether solo or as couples.


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Pune is a hub of IT industry and is known for its great universities, this makes it a city with the highest young population. Due to young students and working class majority Pune has amazing nightlife. However, being young also brings us to focus on their mental, physical and sexual health. At a young age we are going through several hormonal changes and we are still trying to discover our sexual personality. But with busy work and social life it might get difficult for us to discover our sexual interests. Therefore, we are going to discuss some blissful sex products that would help you have a sensual sex life.

For our IT people we have some technological intimate toys

You Don’t Need to Be an Acrobat to Give Pleasure to Your Partner

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Feeling like a total rockstar in bed shouldn’t be reserved for the gym rats and yoga pros. You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life, to have the best sex of your life.

20 Sex Tips After 40

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Ah, 40. It’s arguably a pretty fantastic age. By this point, you’ve got life pretty well figured out for yourself. Your job is generally exactly how you’d like it, you’ve got a family. Your friend circles are tightly knit and dependable.