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All Sensual Massage: The Beginner's Guide to Better Massage

Sexual lubricants and lotions that we ship to India can help you literally “ease” your way to an exciting experience in bed. At AdultProductsIndia.com, we recommend using lubes and lotions with several of our vast range of adult products, or simply on their own when you’re sharing a moment with your partner. If you’re looking to be a back-door bandit, then anal lubes are more “up” your alley; on the other hand, the orally inclined can try flavored lubes for a mouthwatering experience; even simple massage oils can add a new element to the “sexperience”.



It’s surprising how many people in India never think about lubrication until they really need it! Petroleum jelly may have been good enough in the days of old, but today’s vast range is a sheer delight because there’s a tube for every lube (job). Anal lubes, silicon lubes, flavored lubes, water-based lubes and a whole lot more makes this a family of oils, gels and lotions that you just can’t stay home without!


The Silk Touch Sex Lube is one of our best-selling lubrication products because it is reliable, convenient and fun. The water-soluble formula in a no-spill design applicator means that you can slip and slide to your delight way into the morning light. This and other water-based lubes are easy to clean up and convenient to use. Aside from our Signature brand, we also carry the ever-popular Ky Jelly and Durex Pleasure Play Lube.


Sex lubes are a must when you use sex toys because of the risk of skin abrasion and chafing, so when you use skin-rubbing sex toys from AdultProductsIndia.com, be sure to lube up before you roll out – or in, as the case may be.


Lubricants and Lotions: Types and Purposes


There are essentially four types of lubes that we ship to India that are made with different base materials. Each has its purpose and may not be compatible with either your sex toys or your preferences. Review the properties of each and find out which ones would be good for you.


Water-based Sex Lubricants


These lubes use water as the base medium, and are among the most popular kinds. They’re typically cheap, easy to clean up after and won’t leave telltale stains on sheets or clothes. The best part is that they’re safe to use with practically any type of sex toy and can be used for any type of activity such as masturbation, massage, oral sex, and vaginal or anal penetration. In addition, many of them are flavored or scented. They won’t leave residues and can be easily cleaned off with warm water and soap. However, they do wear off faster than any other type of lube so you may find yourself coming back for seconds when you’re half way through your meal!

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