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Virgo's Knows It All: Pleasure Condoms & Masturbators!

  • Virgo's Knows It All: Pleasure Condoms & Masturbators!
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August 23 - September 22

With Mercury as the ruling planet, the earth as an element, Virgo is the most seductive sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign may have at their side the person they want since they have an incredible capacity for understanding towards others, but one-way understanding: Virginians know what other signs like, they know instinctively. That way they seek to please all the desires of those who are close, and then get what they want.

They are always surrounded by people, have many friends and love to be accompanied. They love to travel and spend money, this is one of their main problems, since they often change jobs very often, because they get bored very easily. They have a tendency to oversize things and this often leads them to suffer more unnecessarily, so they must try to find an emotional balance.

Virgos are represented by the virgin. Not because they don’t love to be a bit naughty now and then, but because they have an acute sense of right and wrong. For a Virgo, virtue is everything. Calm and patient, Virgos are exceptionally trustworthy and excellent listeners, especially for their lovers. They do their best in monogamous relationships and tend to enjoy a logical approach to all things: Even romance.

Everyone likes Virgo in the zodiac, these beings so naturally seductive, that they can have whoever they want, like those people who are attractive, interesting, influential. Many times the heart of Virgo gets carried away by interests, but these relationships do not prosper, they get bored at the very beginning. The Virginians need someone to return to the world, to leave them out of context, to take them to the edge of madness because that is where they want to live in a relationship. They don't want quiet, they don't want tranquillity, they don't want intellectual development, they want to rock and roll.


Virgos are anything but vanilla, however, they don’t enjoy getting too wild. Their lovemaking skills are based heavily on a cooperative approach to the ultimate orgasm. Sweet and simple lingerie is probably the hottest addition for a Virgo in the bedroom. Nothing too frank or over the top for your Virgo, just keep it low-key and sexy.

Intimacy will be probably the best way for Virgos to express their feelings towards you, enjoy that time together because you will see a more soft and vulnerable person at that moment, you can gain time by using a delay spray or Extended Pleasure condom.

Virgo- Simple masturbators are a must in your bedside table. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you don’t want any bells and whistles. Except, of course, during your orgasm.

Resume: Element - Earth, Strengths - Loyal and Seductive, Weaknesses: Overthinker & Too Serious, Recommended zodiac sex toy - sweet and simple lingerie, Spray and Condoms for Delay and simple masturbators.

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