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When it comes to buying sex toys and treats, both in India or worldwide, the female vibrators top the list as the most popular of all. This is mainly because the powerful vibrations from the toys are more effective than any amount of oral of physical stimulation. There are the classic vibrators, which are the perfect go-to toys of every erotic arsenal, as well as the new generation of vibration toys that bring a whole new range of sensation with every pulse. There is a wide variety of colours, shapes, materials and textures that makes it easy to find one that fits your lifestyle. Did we forget to mention that today’s new editions are more discreet than ever? This means you can have all the fun you want, without your neighbours knowing about it.

These sexy toys are a great way to bring more excitement into a couples’ bedroom. There are so many types on the market today. Mini vibrators are perfect to pair with penetration to bring forth powerful orgasms. There are also others that can be used to stimulate the erogenous zones on both men and women for heightened pleasure. There are multi touch, and multi-pronged options that can help you unlock you wildest fantasies with or without a partner. With so many options, you may wonder which one is best for your entertainment. Thankfully, we have a few pointers that can help.


Choosing The Best Vibrator

Most adult products purchased in India are based on very personal fantasies and desires. We, at Adult Products India, are here to help you make the perfect choice. Here is a simple guide that will help you reach the heights of desire you are looking for. Before picking the best model out of many, ask yourself these following questions first:

- Where do you want to use your little love machine?
- Do you want only external stimulation or internal stimulation?
- Are you looking for dual stimulation options? 
- Will this be used personally or with your partner? 
- Do you have a material preference?


Clit Stimulators Vibrators for women

If you want to make your clit sizzle and pop, then a simple type that fits easily in hand is a good choice. The WaterproofGia Spot or The Fabulous Rabbit from our Mini Vibe collection are all great options that fit in your hand, and can be added to your tryst with ease. Use them alone or with your partner for added arousal.



Internal Stimulation Vibration Collection

Users who like to have a more intense feeling may opt for one that’s crafted for penetrating pleasure. These are a bit larger and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Our Waterproof Feather Vibe or our Neo-Gel Cock Vibe are excellent to encourage mind blowing orgasms that you can literally wrap your muscles around!


Dual Stimulation Vibration Collection

In India, we know people like to do things all the way. That’s why we offer the G-Spot Woodpecker and the Fabulous G Lover from our G-spot vibe collection for couples who enjoy to stimulate their clit while also enjoying the feeling of penetration during their love play.


Vibrator Size and Power

The speed and power of these babies can make your orgasms slow and sweet, or fast and mind blowing. Our total range of quality vibrating toys has the ability to function at multiple settings to match just about any sexual situation you want to create. Some of our editions are equipped with pulsing, waving or even circular pulsations. Depending on what you happen to be in the mood for, we are sure to have the perfect choice for your pleasure.

Size does matter, especially when it comes to stimulators. The smaller sized, like our Elephant baby, or our Top Cat Silicone Surfer are great for hand held use, while our Pretty Boy and Top Cat Remote Control Vibe are perfect for those who want to experience the pleasure that comes with a big toy.


Do You Need A Vibrator To Help You Reach An Orgasm?

Contrary to popular belief, many people have trouble attaining an orgasm with simple penetration. Adding a sex toy can help you get the release you want, all while having fun in the process. If this is your first time using a stimulator, we suggest you go with an external kind that is high quality and features a range of vibration modes. Our Erotic Rabbit Vibrators or our Cupid Series Red Lover are great for first time users and very easy to operate.

Are you ready for a little more than average? Our dual stimulation editions like the Top Cat Crafty Caterpillar or the BMS Power are good choices that will not only tickle your clit, but also fill you with the most wonderful internal sensations. These toys are a whole lot of fun for personal pleasure, and even more entertaining when used with a partner.


Special Vibrators For India

At t AdultProductsIndia.com we strive to offer you the most diverse range of products for your intimate indulgence. While we offer a range of traditional vibrators, we also have a large selection of unique, amusing and innovative types that take your sex play to a whole new level.

Our finger vibes are smaller, typically four inches or less, and wrap around your fingers for up close and personal use. We even have pulsating finger extensions like the Butterfly Finger Vibrator Finger Ring that allows you to get as creative as you like.

The exclusive G-Spot is never out of reach with our luxury collection, specifically designed to hit that little part of nirvana. Our G-Spot Woodpecker and our Square Dong are just two great choices available in our web shop. For extra fun, or to pass the control to your partner, consider one of our Egg Shaped vibrators for women that can be inserted and controlled with a hand held remote. Our Touch Egg Vibrator and our 10 Speed Remote Controlled Vibe are a perfect way to let your partner control and add to your pleasure. With the BMS Infinity you and your will get the best pulsating pleasure during sex play.


Additional Components and Safety

All vibrators for women need a power source and most of our products are battery operated. Some are rechargeable as well. Make sure you understand which one you are using so your sexy time is not interrupted unexpectedly. High quality editions, such as the ones sold here at AdultProductsIndia.com, will last for several years with proper care. All of our products are made from high quality materials that are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Each of them are quiet and discreet for intimate use.

Additionally, all of our products are backed by a one year warranty as well as our satisfaction guarantee. You can find more information here. Remember that when buying your love toy you should know that they will be even more comfortable with additional lubes and lotions to ease up the play and that although keeping them clean is very simple, it’s also very important. 

We hope that this quick guide will be of any use to you while choosing your favourite vibrator in India. Enjoy!



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