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Vibrator for Sex Toy Beginner

Vibrators are one of the most purchased sex toys in India. They are also one of the most recognizable sex toys in the world, making them a comfortable choice in sex toys for many people.


They come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and intensities. They’re made from a vast array of materials, and are designed for all different types of sexualities. Vibrators are incredibly versatile, great for solo sessions and perfect for couples play. This means that while the massive choice that you have at your fingertips might seem overwhelming, it’s pretty difficult to get the “wrong” vibrator.


If you’re purchasing a vibrator for the first time, consider what type of vibrator seems sexy to you. Is your partner interested in playing with a vibrator? What types of stimulation really turn you on? Always consider allergies or material preferences before you purchase any sex toy, and if you’re in a relationship- snag your boo and find out what they’re into!


Vibrators for Women

Vibrators for women are FINALLY HERE!! That’s right ladies, we’ve listened and have found the ones that fit your style and your bodies. Ideal for some solo masturbation, or for group play and couples sex. There are a ton of different vibrators available, each designed to make a distinct impression on very specific parts of your body.


Vibrators for Men

Vibrators for men are usually integrated into male-centric sex toys- such as cock rings and pocket pussies. Which, in all fairness, doesn’t really make them an actual ‘vibrator’, but instead a male sex toy with a vibration option.


Vibrators for Couples

While vibrators are most often marketed to women, the beauty of the vibrator is that just about anyone can really enjoy the sensual stimulation that they can give. Vibrators for women generally have unique designs geared towards feminine anatomy, but don’t despair, even these ones can be enjoyable for men.


Vibrators 101: Vibrators for Women

When you’re choosing a vibrator for yourself, or for your favorite lady friend, there are some general functions that you should be paying attention to. Even if you’re a male and are looking to perk up your own sexual curiosities, consider these important factors when choosing the right vibrator for yourself.


What Do You Want to Stimulate?

Depending on which erogenous zone you want to zap into ecstasy, you’re sure to find a vibrator that is specifically designed to pump up the pleasure. G-spot, clitoral, prostate, anal, scrotal, or even full body- they can be used in a number of ways. If you’re not sure which zone is ideal for you and/or your partner, try out a massager or bullet vibrator for more general purpose approach. Get comfy with getting naughty and then come check out area specific vibrators.


Vibrator Size and Power

Size and power of a vibrator can definitely affect the type of orgasm you will be experiencing. Smaller, yet powerful vibrators are perfect for reaching clitoral orgasm with ease, they are also a sweet treat for scrotal and anal stimulation. Discreet vibrators can be a great way to just get the party started. While you may not reach orgasm with these clever little devils, you’ll definitely be ready for the main event. If you’re looking for penetrative power, go for an easy to clean large vibrator, power packed to give you the most mind blowing orgasm you’ve ever experienced.


Alone or Together

If you have a partner, external ones are a great way to add some punch to penetration. They can tickle and delight either of you, or some are even designed to work for both at once! Vibrators are a spectacular addition to foreplay, or are incredible at satisfying both partners needs without actually having to have sex. Making mutual masturbation much more fun and intimate.


Components and Safety

Whether you’ve purchased a vibrator for women, or one specifically designed for men, all require a power source. Adult Products India has a huge selection of both battery powered and rechargeable high-end vibrators. Make sure that you take good care of your sex toys, cleaning regularly and using the appropriate lubes. Some toys will need to have their batteries removed prior to cleaning. Pay close attention to the material your toy is made of, as some require special types of sex toy cleaners.


Choosing the Best Vibrators for You

So now that you have a good idea of what type of vibrator you might be looking for, it’s time to breakdown the many kinds of vibrators that we offer! Adult Products India is always looking to increase the comfort and encourage the curiosities of our clients, so if you have questions- ask us! Any time. If you don’t see a type of vibrator that you’re interested in, let us know!


Realistic Vibrators

Once thought of as the only choice in vibrators for women, realistic vibrators are specially designed to look and feel exactly like the real thing! These often come in a wide variety of materials and have many different vibration and rotational settings, making them built for a woman, but definitely strong enough for a man.

Rotation Master Vibrating Dildo
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹5,640

Special Price ₹3,279

Real Feel Vibrating Cock
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹3,112

Special Price ₹2,132

Realistic Rotating Head Vibrator - Flesh
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹5,767

Special Price ₹3,666


Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators are perfect for beginners. They’re often super easy to use and rely on plain designs. They do come in many different shapes and colors and were meant to be used without the need for an instruction manual, keeping it simple and stunning.

Mini Massager (White)
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹1,694

Special Price ₹1,433

The Fairy Mini Wand Massager
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,844

Special Price ₹4,277

Adam Jelly Vibrator - Purple
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹3,760

Special Price ₹2,101


Sneaky Vibrators

Bullets, eggs, mini vibes, and even remote control vibrators are specifically designed to be discreet, so you can bring the power of pleasure with you anywhere you go. Perfect for external stimulation, these types of vibratos fit easily in the palm of your hand- working great for clitoral and scrotal stimulation alike!


Strapon Vibrators

Perfect with a partner, strapon vibrators were made for two. Harnesses allow hands free fun while you still get to enjoy all the good vibes of a standard vibrator for women. Many strap on vibrators are integrated into dildos, making these simple to use contraptions twice as nice!

Hollow Strap On Dildo With Masturbator
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,331

Special Price ₹3,389

Realistic solid strapon dildo with vibration & balls
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹6,197

Special Price ₹3,279

Hollow Strap on Dildo With Vibration Black
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹7,739

Special Price ₹4,397

Hollow Strap on Dildo With Vibrator (17 cm)
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹5,353

Special Price ₹3,572


Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are definitely gold standard when it comes to vibrators for women. With intense vibratory patterns and pulses, swiveling heads, and swirling beads, these dildo come vibrators are incredible for solo play. The oscillating head is sure to engorge your g-spot while the tiny rabbit vibrator tantalizes your clit.

Finger Vibrator For Beginners
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹3,289

Special Price ₹2,632

High Speed Foldable Rabbit Vibe
in stock
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Regular Price: ₹3,261

Special Price ₹2,323

Rotating Rabbit Vibrator - Purple
Out of stock

Regular Price: ₹6,580

Special Price ₹4,700


Luxury Vibrators

Made of top notch materials, intuitive design, and built for duration- luxury vibrators a built to be your best kept secret for years. Often sleek and easy to clean, these are often made of silicone, which while it is a bit more expensive than their plastic counterparts, can stand the test of time in the bedroom. Make sure that you get the right cleaner and these toys are sure to outlast even the most voracious sexual appetites.

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