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Anal Vibrators

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Anal Vibrators can lead to exciting and thrilling experiences

Anal vibrators are vibrating sex toys that are particularly designed to stimulate the anus. Available in varied sizes and shapes, these playthings are gaining popularity among the masses. Although these products are designed to be used by both men and women, some products cater to gender specific needs. Some of these devices are specifically made to find the G-spot in women while other are created to hit the P-spot or the surface area of the prostate gland in men. Men who have used these products while performing sexual intercourse or indulging in solo play or masturbation have experienced sensational orgasms. Although all kinds of vibrators available in the market can be used on the anus but the devices are specially made to provide that extra touch of sensitivity and comfort. These playthings are also a lot safer to use than the regular vibrators. Most of these anal vibrators are slimmer, making sure they do not tear delicate muscle tissues in the rectal canal. All these products also feature a wider base so as to maintain the grip and prevent them from getting lost inside the rectum. Also known as vibrating butt plugs, these toys are bound to help you explore the world of anal sex quite effectively and easily.


Anal vibrators 101

Anal vibrators come in a lot of varied shapes and sizes and it is upon you to decide which one’s the best for you. Vibrating prostate massagers, beads, probes and vibrating butt plugs are a few of the different models available in the market. One of the most important things to remember when trying something new sexually is to relax your mind and be at ease. If you are enthusiastic about it, it will help ease your anus muscles and make penetration easier. If you are worried and tense, it might not work at all or worse you may end up hurting yourself or your partner. It is advised to use condoms and gloves to get rid of all concerns about safety. It is also suggested to have a bowel movement and a soapy bath for people who are concerned with cleanliness. Beginners who are just looking to explore this whole new world of anal sex should choose a smaller product, one that would fit easily and would not cause any discomfort. Experts, on the other side, can go for the bigger devices with strong vibrations to attain ultimate sexual pleasure. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not naturally lubricated, so it is a must to use a lot of lubricants. If you are new to all this, you should stack up on lubricants before anything else. Newbies are suggested to go slow and gentle for the first few times before they get a grip of things. If you are too harsh or do not use enough lubricants, you might end up hurting yourself or tearing your rectal tissues.


At AdultProductsIndia we work hard to deliver the best available sex toys in the market right at your doorstep. We have a wide range of anal vibrators available for all the kinky ideas you might have in your mind:


  • Fluorescent Beaded Head Anal Vibrator is the ideal product for people who want to get in on the backdoor play. The super smooth surface of this product allows you to easily insert the vibrator without the need of much lubrication. This vibrating device also emits a fluorescent light so that you can observe its movements in the dark as well. The beaded head is an exciting feature which allows the indirect stimulation of the G-spot in women. The beaded head hits the right spot so as to heighten the sensation and provide the user with stimulating orgasms. The ultimate offering of this device is the sunshine cock ring which can be used to stimulate the clitoris while you penetrate your partner with your penis. This product is designed to hit all the right spots at the same time, giving you the maximum out of a single sex toy. It comes in three different colour variants – white, pink and violet. It is the perfect device for couple who are looking to extend their love making session or if you are single and are in the mood for a quick, sensual orgasm. Whether you want to pleasure yourself or your partner, this plaything will surely entice you and heighten your senses to give you the ultimate orgasm or completely satisfy your partner with its pleasure giving capabilities.
  • Diamond Screw Anal Vibrator is a one of a kind toy with an ideal blend of flexibility and mechanical strength. This device has a unique screw shape which makes it easy to fit into every shape and size. This sexy baby was designed to heighten the senses and create pleasurable sensations for men and women. The ridges allow tension in the rectal tissues which increases the sensation during the entire session. The screw form of the plaything allows for maximum pleasure and easy penetration. It is made of high quality, genuine rubber which is non-toxic and super easy to clean so you do not have to worry about safety and cleanliness.
  • The Top Cat – Vibrating Jelly Corkscrew is the result of constant innovation in the world of sex toys. This stunning anal vibrator features a suction cup that is formed like a screw and a penis. The versatile design allows you to attach the suction base of the corkscrew to any smooth surface. You can position your body in any which way and the sex toy will hold its place. You can even place it on a flat surface and enjoy the ride. It is made from medical grade material so rest assured it is safe to use. It feels smooth on the skin and surface of your rectal canal. The materials used are non toxic and hypoallergenic as well. The jelly material makes it extremely easy to penetrate but it is suggested that you use a little lubrication with it. Set your preferred vibrating speed and ride away.

All in all, anal vibrators are known to heighten your senses help you achieve stimulating orgasms. It is time to get your own vibrator now!