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Glass Butt Plugs are taking the anal world by storm

A glass butt plug is a unique type of sex toy that is designed to be placed inside the anus for sexual pleasure. These playthings are extremely helpful in the sense that they expand the anus in preparation for anal sex. The devices come in different shapes and sizes but most of them have a slimmer middle section to contain the anal sphincters. Most of these products are designed with a wider base so as to keep the toy in place and prevent it from moving further into the canal. Glass butt plugs are extremely popular because they can be enjoyed by men and women. Whether you are making love with your partner or getting ready for solo play or masturbation, these playthings are bound to enhance your experience and result in a rather complete and satisfying orgasm. They come in varied sizes with the smaller ones designed for the rookies and the bigger ones are designed for experts who know what they are doing. Nowadays, people are going all out over anal stimulation. Personal experiences and a general consensus over the amazing sensations of anal play is motivation enough for people to give it a shot. The anus is home to many nerve endings of the body and can be a pleasure centre for everyone who wishes to play with it.


Glass butt plugs are an ideal addition to your sex toy collection

These anal enhancers are made from a lot of materials such as silicone based rubbers, plastic and ceramics but the ultimate offering comes in glass. The devices are easier to use because of the natural characteristics of the material itself. Glass, by nature, is smooth so it requires considerable less lubricant for you to play with them. If you are new at all this and looking for a special anal preparation toy, look no further as this plug will ease its way into your tight asshole with minimal effort. Another benefit of these ass stretchers is that they are nonporous, so there is no place for bacteria to thrive and grow. This makes it tremendously easy to clean and maintain these products. Once cleaned with bleach solution or alcohol based sanitizer, these playthings are completely germ free and you can share them with your partners or other people without worrying about them being unhealthy or unhygienic. Another advantage of owning this anus penetration equipment is their ability to maintain a certain temperature for longer periods of time. So, if you are feeling a little playful, you can insert your playmate in cold or hot water to add some wild sensations or chill thrills to your play. All in all, glass butt plugs are an excellent choice of sex toys for anus exploration because the material’s natural hardness and low friction can result in some outstanding butt stretching.


We, at AdultProductsIndia strive hard to bring you the best available sex toys in the market to your doorstep. Check out some of the amazing toys available for you on our website:


  • Glas Amethyst Rain Glass Butt Plug is a beautiful device designed for anal penetration. It looks like a work of art and is specifically shaped to widen and relax your asshole. It can be used to stimulate the highly sought after P-spot in men, the surface area of the prostate gland. This product features a widened base for your safety and is known to produce intense orgasms while providing the feeling of being full. This item is fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic and can be easily cleaned. It boasts the ultimate quality of retaining hot and cold for increase stimulation and is compatible to be used with all kinds of lubricants.
  • Anal Nodes is the perfect example of a stunning glass butt plug. Using this toy can cause a palpable amount of pleasure and leisure to your sex life. Anal nodes are the perfect products if you wish to stimulate all the nerve endings found inside the anus. Made with high quality, genuine Borosilicate glass, these great little nodes are smooth and you can easily control the rhythm and pressure. The multiple nodes on the product provide you with the ultimate chills and thrills as they pass through and stimulate your entire rear end canal. The nodes are made of hand-blown glass that has special angles to make it easy to reach the deepest, most hidden parts in your butt. Finding the G-spot for women and the P-spot for men becomes extremely easy with this toy in hand. This merchandise can also retain certain temperatures for a longer period of time giving you the options of submerging it into hot or cold water as per your preference. So if you want to enjoy a warm sensation or a freezing feeling, you might want to buy this item right now.
  • Anal Screw is one of India’s favourite glass butt plugs. It’s made of Borosilicate glass and has beads embedded in it. It also boasts a twisted and a curved design so that when it passes through the anus, it provides a unique sensation. Uniquely designed for people who find anal play extremely pleasurable, this sex toy will provide you with extremely stimulating sensations and a more thrilling backdoor experience. The handle base allows you to control the speed and the intensity and the product is able to withstand resistance from mechanical strength making it the ideal product for masturbation and foreplay. Whether you are having sex with your partner or getting ready for solo play, this toy will enhance the experience and you will experience a more complete and fulfilling orgasm.

Glass butt plugs have helped a lot of people explore with anal stimulation in a safe and pleasurable way. Owing this toy might go a long way in helping you get over your doubts and worries and help you achieve stimulating and mind-blowing orgasms. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for one of our unique glass butt plugs today and see all your dreams come true. Our friendly and trained personnel is waiting to clear any doubts you have and help you choose the right product to add more spice to your sex life.



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