100% Discreet Delivery - COD Available

Delivery Information

 Product Packaging

We understand that privacy is very important to you and we go at great lengths to keep your personal business private. To protect your privacy, all products are shipped discreetly, which means that there is no sign that the package contains any adult related items. The following image is an example of how we package and send our products;

 Shipping Timeframe

All products are shipped within two (2) working days after we receive your payment. The delivery time depends on the courier your shipment is being sent with. For all products that are marked with the "Available for COD" icon, you shall receive your product within 3-5 business days. All other orders will be received within 10 - 15 business days *.

* Please understand this is an estimate. The exact delivery time is beyond our control and is dependent on the courier company.

 Tracking Numbers for Shipments

Our company provides tracking numbers or codes to all customers, both local and international. This code can be checked here. Codes are given right after shipping. However, it may take some time before the tracking system is fully updated and your shipment can be tracked. Please also note that some countries do not provide tracking services for Registered International Mail. For more information on this, please call your local postal office.

world wide delivery

  International Shipping and Customs

AdultProductsIndia.com ships from within India and internationally depending on your chosen product. Regardless of where they come from, there will be no shipping costs and shipping/billing policy always remains discrete. AdultProductsIndia.com makes sure that all its shipped products are unrecognizable from their packaging so as to prevent unnecessary delay. Because of this, shipping issues regarding international customs are minimum. Please note that the timeframes given for these deliveries are only estimates, which means that it doesn’t account for any problems such as shipping discrepancies or delays.

 Other Important Information

  • Regular business days means all business days except for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
  • All our products are legal in many countries, but some products may be restricted in other countries. The company will not be held liable if these items are confiscated by customs of a particular country if, in case, the products are restricted. Nor will it accept responsability for any legal conseuences that may come with importing our products into the country of your residency.
  • The company is also not liable for any additional taxes or tariffs that are imposed by international customs.