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September 2023

The Art of Seduction: Incorporating Toys into Foreplay

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Although many people may not recognize its significance, foreplay is an inalienable part of every healthy sexual relationship. People mostly neglect it, but foreplay may be just as important as intercourse. Foreplay lays the basis for your entire sexual experience. Whether you experience being in a relationship or are just starting, engaging in foreplay may benefit your romantic life. Here are some enticing foreplay ideas to arouse your partner.

Busting Myths About Sex Toys and Their Users

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Sexuality and sexual health are still publicly taboo topics. With all the myths, the situation will only deteriorate. If these myths get a hold of popular opinion among users, society will revert to avoiding these toys. There are numerous wrong beliefs, one of which is that sex devices destabilise your mood. These mythical urban legends include the following:

From Classic to Cutting-Edge: Evolution of Sex Toy Technology

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Sex toys have existed for a long time, but the Industrial Revolution increased the demand for sex devices, and it normalized their ownership, discussion, and display as symbols of sexual liberation. People of this era began to assemble collections of objects and place them on tables for display. They are shopping and discussing it together. It took some time for the society to embrace these adult toys. Today, these sex toys are an integral part of our lives. People have become attached to an extent where many today are unwilling to give up their vibrators.

Spicing Up Your Relationship: Role of Sex Toys in Intimacy

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Some men and women conceal their sex toy collection to safeguard their partner's ego. However, nobody knows with certainty about its benefits or demerits. That's why it's crucial to investigate whether sex toys can strengthen the bond between two individuals. Adding sex devices to a couple's sex life can be either positive or negative, depending on the level of communication between partners and how they approach sex toys. Toys encourage discovery and help couples express themselves sexually in various ways. In addition, sex devices assist couples because they add a new, enjoyable element to every encounter.

Solo Play Revolution: Best Sex Toys for Self-Exploration

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In the COVID and post covid years, individuals have purchased more than face masks and hand cleansers to generate income. In these past years, we saw an increase in sex device sales. People these days employ sexual activity for relaxation and self-care. According to various leading companies, sales of sex devices have increased by more than 80%. Even the companies that deal with "bondage gear" have experienced a modest increase in sales. People frequently engage in sexual activity to become closer and more familiar with one another.

Despite the opening of markets, and the ending of numerous regulations prohibiting people due Covid, sales of sex devices are still going up. In other words, individuals are retaining the sex objects they already own and purchasing additional ones.