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You Don’t Need to Be an Acrobat to Give Pleasure to Your Partner

  • You Don’t Need to Be an Acrobat to Give Pleasure to Your Partner
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Feeling like a total rockstar in bed shouldn’t be reserved for the gym rats and yoga pros. You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life, to have the best sex of your life.

With work, school, families, and all the other little things that completely eat up our schedules- we’re not as fit as we want to be. The reality is that the large majority of adults don’t have time to work on their flexibility and cardio as often as they’d like. Which leave a bunch of us feeling out of breath, and under-performed in the bedroom.

Luckily, there’s no need for you to be an Adonis to feel like one. Small tweaks (and a few toys) with the most classic sexual positions can have you feeling more confident between the sheets. Providing your partner with extra pleasure, without the extra work.

1. Cut Like a Knife

Missionary is hallmarked by the man on top of the woman, facing one another. Instead of focusing on the normal “up down/in out” motion with your hips, think of it as a “forward backward” elliptical rocking motion. Similar to how a chef uses a chef knife. Pressing your hips together on the forward swing. To really intensify the deep rubbing sensation, throw on a ribbed or spiked condom sleeve. This will really amp up pleasure without blowing up your blood pressure.

2. FDAU Press

Known as the “Face Down, @$$ Up” maneuver. This position is where the woman kneels in yogic position, Balasana, and the man enters from behind. Place a firm pillow under the woman’s chest, allowing her to rest on her thighs and upper torso. As her arms are pulled back towards her feet, she will use her hands to press on the area just above her pelvic bone. This will increase the internal sensation for both the man and the woman. Ramping up the “O” factor for both partners. This position also works great with strap-ons for same sex couples.

3. The Vibrating Dog

Ah, the classic “Doggie Style”. To add that much needed twist to a tried and true favorite, have the lady on all fours atop a low lying bed or sofa. Standing just behind, the man should throw on a vibrating cock ring to really get him out of the doghouse, and in to pleasure town.

4. The Cowgirl’s Lasso

Reverse cowgirl is probably a position you’re already familiar with. What really takes this well known position to the next level is incorporating the use of a cock ring with a harness. The ring is placed at the base of the man’s member, with the harness gently cradling his testicals, adding another level of seduction and intensity to this time honored position.

5. Parallel Bars

Snag your partners handy-dandy bullet to really make this move sparkle. With the lady lying on her back, she should raise her legs comfortably and rest her knees over the man's shoulders. The man can either be kneeling next to the woman, or standing at the side of a bed or low lying sofa. Using a bullet, or other small clitoral vibrator, the man should not only focus on his thrust, but lightly press on his partners most sensitive area, using the toy.

6. Take a Seat

The “Hot Seat” is a position in which a woman sits on the lap of a man, as she would a chair, facing out. This position is perfect for deep penetration when one or both partners aren’t exactly athletes. Spice up your foreplay by using this position as an appetizer, a vibrating dildo is a sure fire way to get you both craving more.

7. Extended Woman on Top

In your standard cowgirl position, the woman straddles the man as he is lying down. She faces him and either leans toward his face, or sits upright. In the extended version, the woman leans back from an upright sitting position. Pressing her weight into her hands, that are placed to the outside of the man’s thighs or knees. This allows pressure to build in those “harder to reach” places that regular old cowgirl doesn’t address. The man should gently guide the man’s hips with his hands, as both ride off into the satisfaction-filled sunset.

8. Spooning

This snuggle filled position is an excellent way to really bring in some intimacy. Perfect for a sweet morning romp, or steamy night in. Cuddle up right behind your lady as she’s facing away from you, then slowly guide yourselves to orgasmic paradise. Throw in some naughty lingerie that allows access to all the right places, to really turn up the heat.

9. Rear Thrusters

In this position, a woman lies on top of a man, facing his feet and him facing hers. The woman should grab onto the man's ankles, resting on her forearms, while lowering her legs to his sides. As he presses his hands against her hips and buttocks, they slowly start rocking against each other. This particular move is a fantastic way to finish out a steamy 69. Going from foreplay to final attraction in one smooth move.

10. Mr. Clean

Shower sessions are always sexy, but can also be a bit...daring. If not outright dangerous. In this move, make sure that your shower has a really good non-slip mat or grip tiles, and at least one super sturdy wall. With the shower on, grab your lady by the waist and press her between your body and the strong wall. The lady in question should wrap her legs around your waist, while pressing her arms against your shoulders for maximum leverage. Use each other’s momentum to really invoke the motion of the ocean.

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