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Navigating Long Distance Relationships With The Help of Toys

  • Navigating Long Distance Relationships With The Help of Toys
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Toys That Long Distance Couples Can Use

Vibrator Sex Toys / Mobile Controlled

  • Butt Plugs


This is an amazingly fun toy if you are into anal style, this is a silicon based toy with multiple vibrations anal toy. The vibrations from this device can stimulate your senses to the max and can be used by both men and women. All you need to do is download the application and you can even sync it with the beats of your fav music. It can be used by long distance couples and help them experience anal sex with partners' personal effect.

  • Dildos

These are application controlled dildos that can be operated from anywhere in the world with just one click. They come with various modes of vibrations and thrusting effects. Now you can get sex from your partner's control. These are realistic looking dildos which you can buy matching the skin tone of your partner to get a more realistic feel. Some of them also come with a suction cup at bottom to attach them on a hard surface if you like to bounce on them. The veins on these dildos are designed to offer pleasure like never before with all the realistic feel as it also comes with a temperature maintenance effect. This allows you to keep your dildo warm while penetrating your vagina.

Sex Doll

For men- https://www.adultproductsindia.com/3d-half-body-pl...

For women - https://www.adultproductsindia.com/male-torso-real...

These sex dolls come with a half body and do not have a face attached. It will help you image your partner and using FaceTime you can look at each other and hear each other's voices while having sex with these sex dolls. These sex dolls come with all sexual parts male dolls (penis, balls, anus, nipples, abs) and female dolls ( boobs, anus, vagina, nipples). They are made from soft skin like silicon to get the feeling of real skin and to make things feel more real. These are warm and wet from vagina and anus to give you perfect naughty nights.

Nipple Clamps


These are metal clamps that can be used to clamp your nipples to give you the continuous ongoing sensation. If you are missing your partner’s touch around your nipples while having sex, you can instead use these clamps while masturbating. These clamps are metal made but have rubber attached at the clamping ends to avoid discomfort at nipples. These can be used by both men and women as both have stimulating senses around the nipple area. Now you can have pleasurable arousal with or without having your partner near. These are also part of bdsm toys and can be bought and used by couples who love bondage style.

Automatic Masturbator


This is a sexy toy for men that is designed to help them masturbate. It is a flexible stroker with 10 vibrations. The flaps wrap around your Indian penise and hold it firm to provide maximum pleasure while jerking off. It not only helps to masturbate but also to improve endurance. This will help you relax and enjoy without making a lot of effort from your hand.

Tenga Cups


There are men who love to get a blow job but in these long distance relationships it's hard to get one from your partner. Therefore, Tenga cups were designed for mens who like their cocks being sucked, now you can use these cups while having virtual sex with your partner. It is a manual toy with medical grade silicone that allows you to take charge of the level of pleasure you want to experience. It will also generate slurping sounds for being as realistic as possible. It is a best intimate toy considering Indian masturbation.

Tongue Vibrator


Just like men like to be sucked there are women who love to get licked for maximizing the pleasure around clit. This tongue vibrator is helpful if your partner is miles away and cannot make you wet by licking you down. It is a silicon made soft tongue that comes with ten different levels of vibration to choose from with one click. It looks real and enhances your orgasm by stimulating your arousal.


While these are some intimate toys that can be used by long distance couples there is no restriction to such toys being used as couples living together or people masturbating solo. However, such toys have certainly helped a lot of couples in maintaining their sex life active despite being apart. Moreover, it is important that you use lubricants and lotions to improve your sex life with toys as it will result in better pleasure with no pain. (https://www.adultproductsindia.com/lubricants-loti...) These recommendations will help you keep your long distance relationship full of spark and fun with wonderful sex life assisted by uniquely designed adult toys to cater the needs of all individuals. No more compromise on you sexual needs and desires.

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