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Bangalore despite being a busy working city is very much popular for its sex life. Some people say it should actually be called BANG-alore due to the popular sexual life. This is one of the best qualities of Bangalore that the people are able to take out time and maintain their sexual life. When we talk about sex, sex toys are an important part of our sexual act and people of Bangalore love to include intimate toys in their sex life whether solo or as couples.

Here are some of the recommendation of sex toys for people living in Bangalore

Bondage Kit

This kit is perfect to make your naughty nights with your partner more exciting. This is a 8 piece kit that comprises rope, gag ball, whip, ankle cuff, handcuff, blind fold and neck collar. If you are a fan of 50 shades and want to add some shades to your sexual life. This is the best role play kit for you.

Cock Ring

This is a vibrating ring worn by men onto their penis that helps them to last longer and improves the orgasm for women due to different modes of vibrations. It is a comfortable sex toy that provides maximum stimulation with desirable pleasure. This ring stops the blood flow at the penis to make it last longer and the vibrations added in this toy are for both men and women


While being such a sex popular place it is important to protect yourself from getting any disease. Therefore, it is important to carry condoms if you are sexually active and specially if you have multiple sex partners. To make your sex exciting even while wearing condoms we have all the possible designs available from thin like skin to dotted. These designs and flavors come in different brands and we offer Play guard, Durex, Moods as top major brands.


While being the best party and sex place in India . It is important that we maintain hygiene either with a sexual partner or even while using sex toys. Use appropriate cleaners and protection to keep yourself safe. Moreover, better be safe than sorry, save yourself and others around you.

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