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In this fast and busy life Mumbai is known to be the Maayanagri that fulfills dreams and ambitions of people. This fast and ambitious life offered by Mumbai affects the sex life of people living in Mumbai. Everyone is working and focused on doing jobs or business. Living there is so expensive that even the ones with little bit of time don’t want to spend too much on dating.

There are also couples who are living together and still don’t have time for each other. Therefore, the culture of sex toys is popular in Mumbai. There are several sex toy shops available in the market and a lot of sex toy online India platforms. However, as discussed in my other article it is important to buy products from authorized sellers for safety and quality reasons.

Reasons for Inactive Sex Life

  • Traveling

There is a lot of travel before and after work which makes you more tired and leads to bad mood, fatigue and lack of desire to have sex.

  • Pollution

While living in the business capital of India there are a lot of factories, cars etc that cause pollution. Pollution directly affects your sex drive.

  • Lack of Privacy

Due to too much population and high accommodation prices, people have started to share rooms or live in hostel-like accommodations. This interrupts privacy and any chance of romance is removed from life completely

Therefore, we recommend people to at least masturbate for a healthy sexual lifestyle. Men and women both should masturbate whenever they get the chance, it is easy to adapt into their lifestyle and you don’t need to take your naughty night partner on dates which makes it cost effective.

There are a variety of intimate adullt toys available that are divided into two major categories

  • Sex toys for men
  • Sex toys for women

Sex Toys For Men

  • Pocket Pussy Masturbator


It is a portable fleshlight that is made from soft silicon material to give you the feel of real skin. It comes in anus and pussy hole designs to penetrate with wet and warm feeling inside.

  • Automatic Stroker


It is a perfect sexy toy for Indian men that comes with two flexible flaps to wrap around different sizes of Indian penise. It is a stocker and vibrator with different modes and speeds that can be adjusted according to the pleasure desired. After being tired all day from work let the masturbator do its job.

  • Tenga Cups


There are men who love to get a blow job but in this busy life there is no partner available which makes it hard to get one. Therefore, Tenga cups were designed for mens who like their cocks being sucked, now you can use these cups while masturbating without partner.. It is a manual toy with medical grade silicone that allows you to take charge of the level of pleasure you want to experience. It will also generate slurping sounds for being as realistic as possible. It is a best intimate toy considering Indian masturbation.

Sex Toys For Women

  • Vibrators


These are sex toys for women that come with vibration effect. They come in all designs like dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, strap ons, massagers etc. They all come with different modes of vibrations to choose from according to the pleasure you need.

  • Anal Toys

Butt Plugs


It appears to be a smaller version of dildo with a flat back to avoid the toy from being stuck or lost inside the rectum. However, unlike dildos, butt plugs don’t move and stay at the same position. They give the feeling of fullness inside the rectum. They are used by people who are used to having anal sex. They come in different variants and there are options for vibrational butt plugs, manual butt plugs and remote/mobile controlled butt plugs.

Anal Beads


This toy is a wiggly wand with different sizes of bead-like balls, these balls are arranged according to the size and inserted inside the rectum to stimulate pleasure. These beads are arranged in a manner that allows you to decide your own pace. It is a good sex toy if you are planning to include anal style sex in your sexual life


These are some of the very commonly used and easy to use sex toys that can help you improve your sex life without taking too much of your time and money. They will easily adjust into your routine according to your desire. If you are living in a sharing place these are easy to hide due to their size and appearance. Moreover, we offer discrete billing to secure your privacy.


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