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Pune is a hub of IT industry and is known for its great universities, this makes it a city with the highest young population. Due to young students and working class majority Pune has amazing nightlife. However, being young also brings us to focus on their mental, physical and sexual health. At a young age we are going through several hormonal changes and we are still trying to discover our sexual personality. But with busy work and social life it might get difficult for us to discover our sexual interests. Therefore, we are going to discuss some blissful sex products that would help you have a sensual sex life.

For our IT people we have some technological intimate toys

Sex Machine

This is an automatic sex machine with a remote controller, this machine comes with moving thrust that holds dildo and has a suction cup at bottom for steady hold. This sex toy comes with 7 modes of vibrations to choose from and can be heated to 37 celsius. This adult toy is made from TPE material that is safe to use and easy to clean.

Automatic Masturbator

Tired of using your hands all day on computers yet have a desire to masturbate but too tired to jerk it off. Then this is the best sex toy for you, that will do all the hard-work for you while giving you immense climax.

This male masturbator comes with stroke and rotation technology that gives you five different rotating frequencies and three different rotation modes.

Application Controlled Sex Toys

The advancement in technology has led us to the enhancement and development of sex toys industry. These toys are highly recommended for our tech savvy youngsters of Pune. In this sex toys can be operated using applications that can be installed in your device. Our customers who love to include intimate toys in their sex life enjoy these sex toys in their collection. This toy is used at one place and can be operated through application by anyone from any other place in the world. These toys may include butt plugs, dildo vibrators, egg vibrators, cup masturbators and many more.


While we have recommended these toys for youngsters of Pune but there is no age limit in using these toys. Anyone who wants to add some fun and spice to their intercourse or masturbation can use these toys. Just like Pune’s unpredictable weather we have a range of toys for unpredictable sexual desires.

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