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Gujarat is popular for its cultural festivals and mainly for its Dandiya raas which is the most sensual energy in the open. Their sensuality reflects in their culture after all “Gujarat sexy chhe”. Gujarat is also known for their business minded people where the community is always busy in making money. In this busy lifestyle these people forget about their intimate life. Their sex life has been majorly impacted in the fast pace of life. Sex can also have an impact on your mood and stress levels therefore, if your timings are not matching with the routine of your partner then you should masturbate to keep your mood light and reduce stress levels.

Sex toys are very helpful for people living in Gujarat, we would recommend some amazing sex toys to help our Gujaratis.


These are penetrating sex toys designed similar or identical to penis. They come in several designs based on different requirements.

These are used by women either solo or with a partner to penetrate their vagina and hit the g-spot. These are made from soft silicon material

  • Suction Cup Dildos

These are realistic looking dildos that have suction at the bottom of the of the dildos, these are mounted on a flat surface for women to bounce on them.

  • Vibrating Dildos

These are dildos in different designs but with vibrational and heating effects. These sex toys come with different level and frequencies of vibrations that can be adjusted according to the pleasure you need.

  • Rabbit Dildos Vibrators

These were specially designed for consumers who would not like their house mates to find out about their sex toy or if they don’t feel comfortable in using realistic looking dildos. These rabbit dildos were designed to be colorful and sensual despite being shaped differently. However, the unique design actually made it perfect for hitting the g-spot and stimulating all the senses of vagina.


These are male masturbators that would help you to keep your sex life alive. This intimate toy is designed to help you masturbate by giving you a feeling of penetrating vagina. This fleshlight is made from soft skin like silicon and is made to be warm and wet from inside for a more realistic feel. These also come in different designs based on your favourite porn star.

Sex Dolls

These are realistic looking dolls with all intimate parts that give you pleasure during intercourse. They are made from soft skin like material and will help you in your naughty night during the absence of your partner. The vagina in the female doll is made warm and wet and the penis in male doll is designed with veins to give more stimulation inside vagina.


These are some of the sex toys that we recommend for our Gujarati consumers to make their sex life rich. While already being a dry state lets help you make your nights wet.

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