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A beginner’s guide to sex toys in India

  • A beginner’s guide to sex toys in India
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Buying and privacy

When we talk about buying sex toys in India, most of us live with are families and sex toys being a private object we don’t want people to find out about the products that we are buying.

Therefore, our website offers discrete billing. It means now you can order sex toys without letting anyone know that these are sex toys. The box would have a different product mentioned along with other company.

While we are progressing in all industries. The industry for sex toys is evolving faster than we could imagine. There has been a taboo around the word sex in India but there are people who would like to explore their sexual personality.

This industry is so dynamic that any beginner would need to know “where should I start?” Where the answer to this question is taking baby steps and exploring your options. You would need a guide to to teach you about different options available for different requirements. You might feel awkward in the beginning but sex toys would only help you in enhancing your sexual pleasure and help you find a new erogenous zones.

We would assist you in finding right sex toys for you that would help you to take the first step in this industry. These options would vary for male, female and couples.


For men it is important that they masturbate at least 3-4 times a week. It’s not always possible due to our busy schedules. This is where sex toys come in to assist them.

Pocket pussy masturbators

These are pocket masturbators that come in different shapes and sizes. They are made to look and feel like real vagina.

Soft pussy masturbator


It is soft pocket sized masturbator sex toy. It is made from silicon and has bumps and ridges inside. These are made to enhance the pleasure. To enhance the experience lubes can be used in the beginning.

Medium pocket pussy hand masturbator


It is a best sex toy if you are looking for a wet and tight vagina like feel within palm of your hands. This product is so flexible that it will make sure that you reach your climax without any help from partner. It can’t not only fit in your pocket but it’s also pocket friendly. You can get immense pleasure at your disposal when you need.


When we explore the options for sex toys for women, there are several different options available there is a wide range of products available. Some females have still not experienced how orgasm feels like. You don’t need a partner to satisfy now you can experience pleasure and orgasm beyond imagination.


There are different types of vibrators that come in different designs to satisfy different needs. We will discuss some good vibrator options for beginners. These are battery operated and give vibration that would explode the sensations in your vagina.

Dildo vibrators


This dildo vibrator is a perfect sex toy for a beginner. It feels and looks natural. It can be found in different colours and shapes. It will give you a feel and appearance of that of a real dick. You will get options to set the speed of vibrations according to the pleasurable experience you want and it will target your g-spot.

Finger vibrator


This is a silicon based vibrator that targets on your clit and g-spot. This vibrator will make you experience all the possible pleasurable moments in one sex toy. This is a perfect product for beginning to explore different ways to orgasm. It also has a heating effect that can help control the temperature of the finger. Now women can choose the vibrations at which they want to be fingered.


These are realistic looking sex toys with a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. These are manually controlled. These are used to penetrate your vagina or anus. It can take the experience to next level.

Suction cup dildo


Suction cup dildos are the toys that are shaped like dicks and have a suction cup at the bottom. This suction cup is used to mount the toy on a hard surface for you bounce on it. It is made from silicon and has been designed for maximum pleasure. This would help you reach your climax.

Realistic thrusting dildo


This is a real like dildo with a thrusting feature. It is designed to hit your most sensitive areas. It comes with a remote that would allow you to control the vibrations according to the pleasure you want to experience. This can be used for both anal and vagina.


When we are in love or lust, sex plays a major role part of out relationship. It is a form of expression and feeling that is expressed by both the individuals. But continuing with same method of expression can make things less interesting. This is where sex toys play a major role. Sex toys add the fun factor to you regular sex life. They help you find each other’s sexual desires and fantasies. To explore your partner’s sexual preferences and desires we would recommend you some beginner toys.


It’s a for of sex where there are two different roles, one is that of a dominant and other one has to be a submissive. The one who is submissive is tied in handcuffs and other borage accessories are used to provide pleasure with pain.

Bondage kit


It is a beginner’s kit in this style that contains all required products. It comes with a hand cuffs, eye-mask, leather collar, leather whip, ankle cuff and gag ball. These would be used by the dominant over submissive.

Nipple clamps


These are metal clamps used to bring out your inner wilderness by using them on sensitive area.

It comes with two adjustable clamps that are covered with rubber to induce pleasurable sensational pain.

Anal toys

These are the toys that are used to enhance anal stimulation and increase sensations inside your anal. These are used by couples who want try anal sex but prefer to start with small products.

Anal beads


This toy is a rope with different size of bead like balls, these balls are inserted inside the rectum to stimulate pleasure. These beads are arranged in a manner that allows you to decide your own pace.

These beads are inserted slowly and one by one inside the rectum. It would increase the sensation and sexual satisfaction.

Butt plugs


It appears to be a smaller version of dildo with flat back to avoid the toy from being stuck or lost inside the rectum. However, unlike dildos, butt plugs don’t move and stay at the same position. They give the feeling of fullness inside the rectum.


While beginners get to choose from several options for sex toys based on personal use or couples use. It is important for beginners to also be mindful about hygiene while using their toys. They should clean their sex toys right after use to prevent any infections. while using toys with partners it is important you to be sensitive and considerate about your partner’s comfort zone. Since we live in India we would keep your shopping private.

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