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Myths About Sex Toys In India

  • Myths About Sex Toys In India
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Myths About Sex Toys In India

India being a culturally diverse place has its own beliefs and traditional values just like any other country in the world. Being vocal about sex openly has been considered more than impolite in the past. As we look towards the western culture we open ourselves to more exciting sex toys. It has entered our country with a lot of enthusiasm in the market removing apprehensiveness to discuss about sex or sex toys. However, the lack of proper knowledge about sex toys is leading to strange myths around them.

Myth 1- Use of Sex Toys is Against the Institute of Companionship.

Reality- Sex toys enhances the bonding between couples

It is a really strange thing to think about considering the fact that toys are designed to perform a certain task they can’t actually do things that a human being can do. Sex toys are really good for arousals and orgasms but they cannot hug you or hold your hand when you need to. Sex toys are still a non living being and do not have emotions. Sex toys are good at performing the tasks they are designed for but can never replace the need of a partner in life.

Myth 2- Sex toys can lead to infections and other diseases.

Reality - Proper care of sex toys makes them last long.

With proper care and usage sex toys are usually reusable. Wash your toys with toy cleaners after every use and keep changing the toy after using periodically. Upkeep Etiquette of Adult toys in India is a subject of awareness among users.

We have also written a blog about “why is toy cleaner important ?”


Myth 3- Sex toys are not for couples.

Reality - It brings joy between the Partners

This is the most unrealistic thought about the sex toys. To break this myth you should know that there is a special category of toys that are only designed to be used by couples. Sex toys used by couples during their intimate moments are the ones that cater in arousal or help achieve a sexual fantasy. They can spice things between a couple and take their sex life to a different level. Couples use sex toys to consider foreplays. There are women who might be dominant in their general life but would like to be submissive in bed. Therefore, bondage toys are designed for such couples.

Therefore, sex toys are for healthy understanding couples. https://www.adultproductsindia.com/bondage.html

Myth 4-Using sex toys can change the size of vagina

Reality- Choose a correct Sex toy for your use

This is a most common myth for women who use sex toys. Vagina is made from a muscle that can expand to accommodate a 8-9 inch dildo and contract enough for a finger. Sex toys cannot leave your vagina stretched. Our body has its own mechanism of working. So ladies don’t worry about inserting desirable sex toys. However women should work on pelvic exercises to make their pelvic muscles strong.

Myth 5- Only desperate people don’t use sex toys

Reality- Sex Toys Boosts General Physical and Mental Health

There is nothing to be desperate about using a sex toy. Sex toy industry is a billion dollar market so does that make everyone desperate ? No, the fact is that people don’t discuss it on a daily basis but the majority of people use or own at least one sex toy each. However, getting the desired satisfaction with or without a partner does not make anyone desperate.

Myth 6 - Women don’t masturbate

Reality - Its normal for Women to use Sex Toys

Perception is that men masturbate more frequently than women there is no denying about the fact that women like to masturbate too. Moreover, there are several options of sex toys for women to choose from. Masturbating is equivalent to getting a massage to relax. It helps you to release stress and keeps you calm because when we orgasm our body releases endorphins which can improve our mood and make us high.

Myth 7- Anal toys are for LGBT

Reality - Sex Toys has a vast range available for all.

This is a false assumption especially for anal toys. People feel that anal toys can only be used by a gay couple. However, the truth is anal toys are used by both straight men and women, in women anal toys help to explore more sensations and beaded anal toys help women prepare for anal sex. Moreover, straight men believe it's only for those men who are gay or bi-sexual. But the truth is anal toys or strap-on dildos can also be used by straight men to feel different unexplored sensations. These sex toys only help in enhancing your pleasure.

Overcoming the Social Stigma

These were a few of many myths that I have helped you clear. However the best way to clear your doubts is by seeking help from someone who is professional or take help from books and articles. We should not rely on word of mouth from people who like to share free wrong advice with the people around.

Buying a Sex Toy is an art to know your desire and means to meet the pleasurable ending.

To get comfortable with your toys start by-

  • Understanding what you desire sexually.
  • Browse the toys available based on your desire.
  • Do some research about that particular sex toy if required.
  • Finally try to buy a discreet looking toy to get used to the fact of using a sex toy in India

However, do not let the people around you guide you or judge you wrong. Instead, be the light and help others in removing their stigma about sex toys and masturbators. Share authentic articles and books with them. Help them by making them comfortable only once you are comfortable about the same.

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