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Why is sex toy Cleaner important?

  • Why is sex toy Cleaner important?
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Why are Cleaners Needed?

After use, sex devices may harbour bacteria for some time (how long depends on several variables, including the type of bacteria and the device's material). The vaginal canal is home to numerous bacteria and fungi that prevent disease. Infectious disease specialists say that it is still prudent to avoid carrying potential viruses into your body if, for instance, you had a vaginal infection and the microorganisms remained on the object. This does not imply that failing to sanitise your intercourse implements will make you sick. If you and your companion engage in anal play or share a device, the object may become contaminated with bacteria from either of your anuses. In reality, you could use sex devices your whole life without ever sterilising them and still have perfectly healthy genitalia. However, if you want to increase the likelihood of this happening, you must keep your sex devices sanitary.

How Sex Object Cleansers Operate?

Do you need to sanitise your toys? Of course not! According to educators on sexuality and enjoyment, "mild soap [and water] is the way to go." They suggest using a product with no scent and no abrasive ingredients. Although it would be preferable to cleanse your items by hand after every use, this is not always practicable. If you just had an orgasm and are too exhausted to thoroughly clear up, an antibacterial cleanser by your bedside will suffice.

The following is one possible interpretation: You know that using hand disinfectant is distinct from cleansing your hands. Although the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of various countries recommend cleaning hands with an alcohol-based hand disinfectant containing at least 60% alcohol may be helpful in a crisis. You might compare sex toy cleansing to using hand disinfectant, except it is on sex objects instead of hands.

How do you determine which cleansing procedure to use for sex toys?

Experts claim that there are effective sex object-cleansing methods that can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. However, there are a few aspects you should note. Alcohol "can dry out everything," including certain sex device materials (and possibly your epidermis). Thus, experts advise using a cleansing method that does not involve alcohol.

Surprising Fact:

“You can also use UV light to sanitise the sex toys.”

Factors to Consider in a Cleaner

Experts suggest selecting a cleanser without parabens. Parabens are synthetic compounds present even in foods, and beverages. They are carcinogenic when present in medium to large quantities. According to various medical journals, parabens are cause for concern because they can bind to oestrogen receptors and mimic the effects of the hormone. According to the CDC, it is still unclear whether low concentrations of parabens threaten human health. To conclude, the argument that parabens are inherently hazardous is more nuanced than you might assume. However, you can avoid parabens by transitioning to alternative cleaning products. Experts also suggest avoiding fragrances and other odorants if you are sensitive to them.

  • As per the experts, sex toy cleaners are not for the body. In addition, after spraying certain cleansers on your items, you may need to rinse them, whereas others may only require a quick mist and air-drying. If you want a safe and effective cleanser, understand and strictly adhere to the instructions.
  • Whether you use soap and water or a cleanser designed specifically for sex toys, you should sanitise your sex toys after each use.
  • I cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading the manual before attempting to use something. But if you are still uncertain, consider the following suggestions.
  • It is possible to sanitise motors, silicone, glass, stainless steel, and wood with detergent and water. These materials, when making non-electric items, can be boiled for ten minutes or cleansed in the dishwasher without detergent. However, elastomers, elastic rubber, and rigid plastic are superb disease-spreading vectors. You should avoid them at all costs.
  • A quick tip: avoid silicone-based devices and lubricants. Verify that no residue is present. The final product is adhesive and untidy because silicone adheres to itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store your sex toys after cleaning?

As part of your maintenance routine, dry your sexual toy or aid and store it in a silk bag or specific case to protect it from external pathogens. If you intend to store all of your items in a single carton, it is best to separate them by material. Latex, silicone, and rubber can all cause objects to become deformed.

Where can you get the ideal cleaning solution for the toy?

The manual with the toy usually suggests the best option. Additionally, store employees may suggest a sex device cleanser as an add-on purchase. Remove the batteries before cleaning the device with a cleanser and tepid water.

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